Discover the visual story of Fort Sill: Explore, download, and share from our official Flickr page

By Christopher WilsonJuly 31, 2023

Dawn of a new era: Maj. Gen. Winston 'Phil' Brooks takes command at Fort Sill, outlines vision for the future
Staff. Sgt. Big Deuce VIII, the official mascot of the field artillery, with his battle buddy, Cpl. Short Round, led by their handlers, conduct a pass and review during Maj. Gen. Winston “Phil” Brooks assumption of command ceremony Thursday, July 19, 2023.

As usual, Short Round assumes the ceremony is in her honor and holds her head high and prances as she passes by Brooks. (Photo Credit: Ki'Arra Williams)

FORT SILL, Okla. (July 31, 2023) – Fort Sill is eager to spotlight its established Flickr page, a digital platform that serves as the hub for all the latest photos from the post. The page, already brimming with vibrant images, can be accessed at .

The Flickr page is a treasure trove of high-quality images capturing the vibrant life, rigorous training, and memorable events at Fort Sill. From the daily routines of our Soldiers to the grandeur of our military ceremonies, the page offers an inside look at the life and operations of one of the U.S. Army's most active installations.

"We are thrilled to provide this resource to our community," said Keith Pannell, deputy director of Fort Sill Public Affairs. "Our Flickr page is not just a photo archive, it's a visual narrative of our post's story, our Soldiers' dedication, and our commitment to the nation."

One of the significant advantages of the Flickr page is that all photos are free to download. This feature allows Soldiers, their families, and the public to save and share these images, fostering a sense of connection and pride within the Fort Sill community.

The page is updated regularly with photos from most events that happen on Fort Sill, ensuring that even those who can't attend in person can still experience these moments. From training exercises to graduation ceremonies, community events to historical commemorations, the Flickr page offers a comprehensive visual record of life at Fort Sill.

"We encourage everyone to follow our Flickr page," added Pannell. "Whether you're a current Soldier, a veteran, a family member, or just a supporter of our troops, these photos offer a unique perspective on the work we do here at Fort Sill."

To follow the Fort Sill Flickr page, visit and click on the "Follow" button. By following the page, you'll receive updates whenever new photos are added, ensuring you never miss a moment of Fort Sill's story.

About Fort Sill: Fort Sill is a United States Army post located in southwestern Oklahoma. It is known for its significant role in the history and development of artillery combat. Today, it continues to be a forefront base for artillery training and operations.