Redstone Arsenal celebrates St. Barbara inductees

By Jason Cutshaw, USASMDCJuly 31, 2023

Redstone Arsenal celebrates St. Barbara inductees
Members of the U.S. Army Field Artillery Association and U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Association gather to induct nearly 70 of its newest members into the Order of Saint Barbara military society at Redstone Arsenal's Summit, July 29, 2023. (U.S. Army photo by Jason B. Cutshaw) (Photo Credit: Jason Cutshaw) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Heroes, leaders and professionals gathered to recognize Soldiers and civilians for their accomplishments within the air defense and field artillery branches, July 29, at the Redstone Arsenal Summit.

More than 200 Soldiers and guests of the North Alabama Chapter of the Field Artillery Association and the Air Defense Artillery Association gathered to induct nearly 70 of its newest members into the Order of Saint Barbara military society.

“As we look at the new awardees, I want to thank each of you who are recognized tonight for what you have done for your respective branches of field artillery and the air defense artillery,” said Lt. Gen. Daniel L. Karbler, commanding general, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command. “Those of you who already have the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara and those of you who are receiving it tonight know that you have made a significant impact on the field artillery and air defense artillery branches.

“When you look at the future of what our two branches, and the fires community writ large, are doing to prepare for future conflict, know that the input, the character, the expertise and talent you brought is being manifested in the future of what the Army is going to do on behalf of the fires community,” he added.

The Order of Saint Barbara, Ancient or Honorable, links field artillerymen of the past and present in a brotherhood of professionalism, selfless service and sacrifice symbolized by Saint Barbara. Members of both the Army and Marine Corps, along with their military and civilian supporters, are eligible for membership.

The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character, displayed an outstanding degree of professional competence and served the artillery branch with selflessness, as well as contributed to the promotion of the branch.

This year’s Ancient Order of Saint Barbara inductees from ADAA and NAFAA are: Brig. Gen. Christine A. Beeler, Laura M. DeSimone, J. Gary Hallinan, Col. Ian W. Humphrey, Jeffrey Larkin, Col. James C. Mills, Matthew Quinn, Stan Sherrod and Col. Guy Yelverton III.

“What an outstanding group of professionals. This is an absolute thrill,” said Brig. Gen. Christine A. Beeler, commanding general of Army Contracting Command. “We have contractor, government and military and it takes this whole team to deliver the capabilities to defend our nation. It’s a privilege to be amongst them.

“I really wish more people would get involved in this association,” she added. “They help provide a lot of support and innovation and really inspire the youngsters of America to come and join these ‘stone throwers and hurdlers’ of the world.”

This year’s ADAA inductees are: Evelyn Armour, Brian Baker, Travis Baker, Christopher Boily, Holly Shea-Garrison Boyett, Col. Mark Cobos, Timothy Cole, Kelly Cook, Corry Cox, Kevin Creekmore, Eric Cyree, David Denhard, Russell Fortenberry, Shari Feth, Charles Garner, Jason Gjesvold, Shawn Gresham, Rachel Hamilton, David Hoople, Kurtis Jetsel, Col. Andrew Lunoff, Lt. Col. Adam Miller, Col. Brian Moore, Michael Morales, Theresa Moxley, Brock Owens, Richard Paladino, Lt. Col. Ernesto Perez, Anthony Rainoldi, Ian Reynolds, Master Sgt. Manuel Romo, Martin Walker, Lt. Col. Chad Watts, Christy Webley, Joseph Wethington, Jason Alan Williams, Sean Williamson, Nathaniel Wilson and John Wright.

This year’s NAFAA awardees are: Robert Hunter Blackwell, Joseph Carroll, Bryan Cleve, Dan Corbett, David Furtwengler, Peter Gaal, Maj. Lonnie Jordan, Christina Lawson, Roger Darren McConnell, Henry McElreath, Gary Montgomery, Stephen Murphree, Bill Nourse, Chad Reaves, Kristi Samuels, Chris Shaw, Mark Smith, Jeffrey Thornton, Steve Thornton, Col. Brian Watson and Brett Wilks.

“This is pretty awesome,” said Corry B. Cox, director for research and technology with the USASMDC Technical Center. “I began my career working with the Patriot missile system for the Army and 20-some-odd years to be recognized and become a part of this esteemed group is amazing.

“The hosts from ADAA and NAFAA did such a great job,” he added. “Tonight was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. This is a great organization that gives a lot to the community, and I am just humbled to be a part of it.”