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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month, and for the past 14 years has been a time to increase knowledge on threats and how to respond to better protect our community.

Fort Leonard Wood is critical to our nation as an Army training center and Center of Excellence, but our mission comes with risks and threats.

Adversaries remain interested in activities and training, including those conducted on our installation. If you see something suspicious, say something. Report behaviors, such as visitors taking photos of signs and buildings or strangers asking questions about key training events or security protocols. When observing concerning behaviors that appear to be a suspected threat, take detailed notes of the situation and the people involved, and report it to the Directorate of Emergency Services at 573.596.6141, or use the iWatch reporting system.

Many of us think of physical security as the primary component of antiterrorism; however, there are also continual threats of cyberattacks. We must all be good custodians of proper cybersecurity practices. Only visit authorized websites; never download unauthorized information to your government computer; and do not click on links from non-government sources. If you receive any emails from senders, you do not recognize, do not open them.

Operations security, or OPSEC, also remains a priority, and we must all steward best practices. As a reminder, to avoid spread of malware, do not connect personal devices to the Fort Leonard Wood network or to government-issued electronics. And keep Bluetooth-enabled electronics disconnected from government-issued ones. In addition, practice OPSEC discipline on social media and in social settings. Disable geotagging on your social media accounts and ensure your privacy setting are truly private. Avoid talking about work in public areas, especially if you are a service member or Department of Defense civilian — you never know who might be listening.

Anyone can be a threat detector — trust your training and if something doesn’t seem right react appropriately and report it. We are proud to serve with you and ask that you continue to be vigilant and do your part to ensure you and your community stay safe. For information regarding Antiterrorism Awareness Month or antiterrorism training and reporting, call the Fort Leonard Wood Antiterrorism Office at 573.563.5507 or 5127.

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