PCD’s Anderson named a Dellamonica Award winner

By Heather Lentz, Public Affairs Specialist, Pueblo Chemical DepotJune 26, 2023

PCD’s Anderson named a Dellamonica Award winner
Pueblo Chemical Depot’s Don Anderson has been named a Dellamonica Award winner. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

Don Anderson was born in Granger, Utah. While growing up, his father was a professional wrestler and took the family to various competitions all over the world. When Anderson was old enough to work, he started out in construction and completed projects for residential and small industrial sites. After he was injured on the job, he went back to school and earned an associate degree in drafting and design.

In 1996, Anderson took a contract Chemical Agent Munition Disposal System (CAMDS) construction position at the Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD) in Utah. While there, he designed buildings where chemical munitions destruction would take place. Anderson is most proud of his work drafting and designing neutralization methods for VX munitions.

He designed a device that would connect to a ton container, measure the temperature, vent air, and run hot water through the container. He also designed a way of removing an energetic burster from a munition without using an Explosive Containment Cubicle. After completing his CAMDS projects in 2008, Anderson went into government service as an Engineering Technician at DCD.

He continued working on design and construction projects at DCD for the next several years. Anderson also deployed to Iraq’s Camp Tallil for seven months in 2010, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he served as the Housing Manager. In February 2012, he was reassigned to the Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) and joined the PCD team as an Engineering Technician responsible for the public water system.

Over the last decade, Anderson’s contributions to the depot have been immeasurable. He maintains a crew that is often shorthanded, and their efforts are sometimes unnoticed and under-appreciated by the general workforce. Maintaining and repairing decades-old infrastructure is a constant duty that the Public Works Division takes seriously and performs regardless of weather conditions. Anderson has also stepped up on several occasions to act as the Chief of Public Works.

“Mr. Anderson has taken over the responsibility of keeping the 23,000-acre installation running as if it were a small city,” said Catherine Satow, Director of PCD Base Operations. “His initiatives and efforts have been instrumental in PCD’s successful storage and demilitarization mission, and he has distinguished himself as a constant symbol of leadership and professionalism among his leaders and peers.”

In 2022, Anderson served as the only supervisor in the Public Works Division. Although he was temporarily promoted for two out of the 12 months in 2022, he continued to serve in the capacity of both the Facilities Manager and the Division Chief for the entire year.

In recognition of his contributions to the depot, Anderson will receive the prestigious Louis Dellamonica Award for Outstanding U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) Personnel of the Year 2022. This award recognizes outstanding civilian and military personnel whose accomplishments have significantly contributed to the AMC mission and its overarching goals and objectives.

When Anderson is not working, he spends his free time with his wife of 43 years, and their four children and 12 grandchildren. As a younger man, he had a passion for raising and riding horses — a love that continues today. When PCD closes, he plans to retire and spend more time camping and fishing with his family in the great outdoors.