HQDA EXORD mandates ASMIS 2.0 Applications

By JERROLD SCHARNINGHAUSEN, PH.D., Directorate of Analysis and Prevention, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center, Fort Novosel, AlabamaJune 1, 2023

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A recently published Headquarters, Department of the Army execute order (EXORD) mandates the use of two Army Safety Management Information System 2.0 (ASMIS 2.0) applications.

HQDA EXORD 175-23 directs that the Assessments, Inspections and Surveys and Hazard Management applications be used in support of Army Safety and Occupational Health Management System (ASOHMS) implementation and Army strategic goals and objectives. The EXORD also identifies ASOHMS as an innovative set of instructions and processes that effectively streamline SOH activities through the integration of people, processes and technology which meet the requirements of Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 6055.01.

ASMIS 2.0 is the information technology component that enables ASOHMS. The tool is designed to assist commanders and safety personnel in conducting inspections, mitigating hazards, tracking safety-specific training, reporting mishaps, and determining the health and performance of their loss-prevention efforts through data analysis in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation 29 CFR 1960 and Army Regulation 385-10. The data management system also provides civilian and military supervisors, as well as their team members, the ability to report hazards, near-miss events and mishaps for safety personnel to take action.

Overall, ASMIS 2.0 was designed to provide an efficient, effective and standardized process for all safety-related activities. The tool’s Mishap and Near Miss Reporting application; the Assessments, Inspections and Surveys application; and the Hazard Management application are fully fielded.

Commanders, Army commands, Army service component commands and direct-reporting units will use the Assessments, Inspections and Surveys application to conduct workplace hazard inspections, safety program assessments and HQDA safety program audits. The application can be accessed at https://inspection.safety.army.mil/. The Hazard Management application will be used to manage hazards through abatement. It is available at https://hazard.safety.army.mil/. All items entered into these sites become part of the permanent record.

Safety personnel may also practice using the applications in the training environment. The training application for Assessments, Inspections and Surveys is available at https://training-inspection.safety.army.mil/. The training application for Hazard Management is available at https://training-hazard.safety.army.mil/. These are new training platforms that allow common access card (CAC) entry. The previous training platforms could only be entered with a username and password. Any records entered in a training site are for practice only and will not be maintained as part of a permanent record.

All ASMIS 2.0 applications require a registration for first-time users. Registration requires entry of your CAC ID number, UIC and supervisor’s email address. Entry is granted once your supervisor responds to an email generated by the system. All ASMIS 2.0 applications contain a help button located in the top-right corner of the page. Clicking the button will allow access to video tutorials and frequently asked questions specific to the application and page from which it was entered.

Program feedback can be submitted by using the button located at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen in the application. Feedback can also be emailed to the following address: usarmy.novosel.hqda-secarmy.list.safe-inspections@army.mil. When reporting issues, please be as specific as possible. Screenshots are welcomed.