NETCOM expeditiously recruits top talent under CES hiring

By Enrique Tamez Vasquez, NETCOM Public Affairs OfficeJune 1, 2023

CES Hiring
CES is a mission-focused personnel system that aligns to both Title 10 and Title 5 provisions, designed to support the human capital lifecycle for civilian employees engaged in, or in support of, a cyber-related mission. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz.- This past winter the Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Headquarters transitioned its Department of the Army (DA) civilian workforce to the Cyber Excepted Service (CES).

This new personnel system, under the authority of the Secretary of Defense, provides advantageous human capital flexibilities and benefits for hiring managers and employees that are not available under the Title 5 competitive service. CES also retains the strong employee protections and benefits that are enjoyed within the competitive service – creating a hybrid system that provides the best of both worlds.

“While CES is not a Direct Hire Authority (DHA), it permits the direct appointment of qualified applicants from all sources. Under CES, any U.S. Citizen can apply and be considered if they are in the area of consideration and qualified,” said Brittany Arvizu, NETCOM G-1 HR Specialist and CES Project Lead.

Direct-to-public and on-the-spot appointments, allow hiring managers to fill permanent, full-time roles more quickly.

Arvizu adds, CES has impacted the NETCOM hiring process in a positive way, explaining how hiring officials now have maximum hiring flexibilities.

According to the NETCOM Chief of the Risk Management Division, Cybersecurity Directorate, Leslie South, the flexibility offered to managers is extremely flexible. This is because under the former competitive service criteria, mangers often relied on time-in-grade and past federal service history, when considering candidates. With CES, the ability to reach outside the legacy channels offers the opportunity to ensure the right candidate is selected.

One of keys to hiring success is talent attraction and engagement, which emphasizes an organization’s ability to engage quality talent through deep sourcing, advertising, and internal programs.

Thus, NETCOM hiring managers such as South have engaged job seekers via virtual and real-time events under the CES direct hiring system.

“I personally have used the on-the-spot and direct-to-public hiring options, where outstanding and well qualified candidates were offered employment that may have otherwise gone unnoticed under the competitive service,” said South.

The normal competitive service hiring process via USAJOBS is often labor intensive and cumbersome. The CES hiring system allows maximum flexibilities and provides managers with the option of several different avenues to try to reach top talent.

“The time to onboard is significantly reduced. In one case, from several months to just under 3 weeks. Based on the two hiring actions, I am very satisfied with the CES hiring process,” said South.

In sum, using CES recruiting is a great option, when an organization wants to add permanent staff, find qualified talent quickly, and attract candidates, who are invested in sticking around for the long-term.

“I absolutely would recommend using direct hiring. From personal experience, the manager has the ability to onboard well qualified candidates in a very short order,” concluded. South.

Those who are interested in working for ARCYBER/NETCOM can send their resume and location preference to the ARCYBER/NETCOM recruiting group-box ( for consideration.

The group-box will then forward the interested candidate’s resume to hiring officials in their location of preference. Hiring managers will contact the individual directly if they are interested in discussing employment opportunities.

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