Siblings attend basic combat training together

By Derika UpshawMay 23, 2023

Trinity Huggett, 21 years old, came to Fort Sill for Basic Combat Training (BCT) a week before her brother, Tyler Huggett, 19 years old. Knowing this would have resulted in the family coming to Fort Sill two weeks in a row, 434th Field Artillery Brigade leadership decided to expedite in-processing for Tyler making it possible for them to graduate together with Delta Battery 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery.

If you think sibling rivalry was a thing among them while BCT, you are correct.

“Always, Always, and Always good. Where would the fun be,” says Trinity.

“We competed in everything. There isn’t a specific event. We pushed ourselves and each other with each event,” says Tyler.

Even though they had sibling rivalry, they were glad to have each other in the same battery where they did not feel alone.

“It was nice because we could motivate and push each other,” says Tyler.

“The support and extra corrective training were amazing. With the competitive nature that we have naturally, we were able to push each other even further pass our limits,” says Trinity.

Even though they both came at the same time, shared the same training battery, it doesn’t change that they joined for different reasons.

“I wanted to become a better person. My dad inspired me. He was 82nd Airborne Infantry and he has been my motivation throughout. I want to leave this world a better place than how I came into it. I aspire to do the best I possibly can for others around me,” says Trinity.

I joined because I want to become stronger. I’m a social person and enjoyed being around everybody. Also, it is a good way to start my life with so many opportunities,” says Tyler.

Most trainees do not get the ability to have family with them through basic training especially not in the same battery. There have been times where Drill Sergeants were able to watch siblings to include twins, go through the process in another battery. Those trainees were fortune to feel some connection but was not quite able to get the experience the Huggett’s did. Though this became a plus for the Huggett’s, now they must figure out how to finish their Army training on their own. Tyler will be staying at Fort Sill for Advance Individual Training (AIT) and Trinity will be attending AIT in San Antonio.

“I get to get away from her for a minute. I do need a break, but we will miss each other.

We get to go find ourselves, but the con would be that we will not be able to compete against each other. We will still be motivating each other constantly and be around for moral support,” says Tyler.

Though all trainees go through the same training, each one comes to a similar but different conclusion. That is no difference with the Huggetts.

“I’ve really learned to relate to people that I didn’t like when I first got here, people that seemed annoying when I arrived. Over time, we built trust with them over weeks of being here. You also must make it work, it makes your attitude better and makes you a lot happier compared to what it would be like if you did it alone,” says Tyler.

“You get to find yourself and push yourself pass your limits. You get to build trust with others that you wouldn’t have met in a normal life. It’s an amazing experience and I feel that I’ve gained in every way, every shape, form, and fashion. I built myself up just by going through basic, so I couldn’t imagine what AIT is going to do.”

Most Trainees coming to basic training do not have any prior knowledge of what it entails. Having tips and tricks to make the process a little easier, helps.

“Don’t come here cocky and think it will be easy. Don’t be here just for yourself. You are here for yourself and the people around you. This is a team. You are going to have to push yourself to points where you don’t feel comfortable, so you’re going to have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable,” says Tyler.

“And once you push yourself to that uncomfortable point, push yourself more to the next point. And if you continue to do that, continue to push yourself, you will grow, you will get stronger. Just do not give up and remember what you came here for,” says Trinity.

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