Fort Gregg-Adams to recognize high school graduates
Fort Gregg-Adams will recognize high school graduates for the 17th consecutive year. High school graduates of those affiliated with the installation -- active and reserve component military personnel; civil service employees; veterans; and contractors -- are encouraged to submit photos and other pertinent information as part of an effort to acknowledge the sometime arduous journeys faced by those whose parents serve the nation. (Photo Credit: Terrance Bell) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT GREGG-ADAMS, Va. – The Garrison Public Affairs Office here is now accepting submissions for the annual tribute to high school graduates.

This special product – published for the past 17 years – serves as an opportunity to highlight the efforts of community youth who have demonstrated perseverance, self-discipline and, in many cases, courage to complete their grade-school journeys. PAO will feature the 2023 High School Graduation Tribute on social media at

Last year’s salute resulted in hundreds of likes, loves, comments and shares.

All Team Gregg-Adams members can participate, including active-duty military, reservists, retirees, government civilians and contractors. To acknowledge as many high school seniors as possible prior to normally scheduled commencement activities, participants are asked to send their submissions before the deadline of June 12.

The following items are needed to participate in the tribute:

• Head-and-shoulders photo of each graduate

• First and last name of each student and each parent

• The parent’s place of duty and military rank, if applicable

• Student’s age and high school

• A telephone number to be used (but not published) if additional information is needed.

Student photo submissions should be copyright-free (if taken by a studio or commercial vendor), well-lit, in-focus and saved in jpeg format. For the best display quality, the photo should be no smaller than 3-by-5 inches. Parents who do not have a photo of their graduate can make arrangements with the Public Affairs Office staff to have one taken.

Email is the preferred method of submission, sent to For hand delivery, the PAO is located in the CASCOM headquarters, building 5020, room 4014, at the corner of Lee and A avenues.

For questions, contact the PAO staff at 804-734-6948 or 734-7147.