Annual Fort Gregg-Adams AER campaign marches toward goal

By Terrance BellMay 9, 2023

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FORT GREGG-ADAMS – The Army’s annual campaign to provide Soldiers with loans, grants and scholarships is nearing an end.

Army Emergency Relief, which began fund-raising in March, is scheduled to conclude in another week.

Those with plans to donate can contact unit representatives or visit the AER website at to do so on a one-time or reoccurring basis.

“We encourage everyone to support the campaign,” Patsy Piggott, Fort Gregg-Adams AER specialist. “We not only want to meet the goal but exceed it.”

Last year, AER dispensed $65 million in loans, grants and scholarships to 31,000 Soldiers and their families Army-wide.

The Fort Gregg-Adams goal is $120,000, and although Piggott did not disclose how close the installation was to that figure, she did say the needle is moving.

“It’s gone really well,” she said. “Our service members are donating and taking an active interest; they understand that donations can help their battle buddies.”

Initial entry and junior enlisted Soldiers are the biggest category of donors, but there have been greater efforts for more senior-Soldier engagement, said Piggott.

“All of the unit representatives are senior noncoms, and they are really pushing the campaign,” she said. “They are getting wonderful results.”

A key element in the donation force, military retirees, are also doing well, said Piggott.

“They always show up really big,” she said.

As a reminder, there are many options to donate, said Piggott.

“They can use a Department of the Army Form 4908 hardcopy,” she said. “They also can go online and donate by credit card, provide a check to a unit representative, or come to my office and donate cash.”

Cash donors will be provided with receipts. Piggott’s office is located at the Soldier Support Center on the first floor.

Those donating online are urged to print their receipts and submit them to the AER office to ensure the organization or unit receive credit.

AER offers financial assistance for family college costs as well as for hardships such as home repair; PCS travel; appliance costs; special needs medical equipment; and spouse re-licensing and certification, according to the AER website.

Other categories of assistance include emergency travel; natural disaster preparation and evacuation; food; vehicle costs; funeral expenses; and utilities.

All assistance requests are considered on an individual basis, according to the website.

For more information, call 804-734-7952.