DRAWSKO POMORSKIE, Poland – 97th Military Police Battalion and 504th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade became the first to conduct Ready Anvil at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Poland, April 2023.

Ready Anvil is a combined exercise between 97th MP BN and 504th EMIB. The training objectives for the exercise include integrating intelligence procedures and conducting Military Decision-Making Process for detention operations.

“What we are looking to do is integrate both military interrogations and military police processing into the detention operations,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Andrew Sergent, commander, 97th MP BN. “Nothing at this scale has been done here in Eastern Europe.”

Soldiers must meet the standards of training and evaluation outline before conducting detention operations.

“There is a certain sustainment method that is used to run a detention holding area, said Sergent. “It gives us an opportunity to rehearse the complexities and the detail that goes into performing this mission.”

The planning, resourcing, and certification training for Ready Anvil began November 2022. Soldiers rehearsed the procedures required to conduct detention operations.

“Soldiers that participated in Ready Anvil went through a deliberate training progression to prepare them to conduct detention operations,” said U.S. Army Capt. Abigail Langan, an operations officer assigned to 97th MP BN. “Utilizing the crawl-walk-run method, Soldiers from the team to squad levels conducted point of capture, forward collection point operations, and in-processing procedures.”

504th EMIB worked alongside 97th MP BN to enhance doctrinal tactics that allowed detention operations to be executed safely and efficiently.

“Having worked with military police in multiple operational environments and in various capacities, I found it extremely beneficial to our MI training audience to have the opportunity to work with 97th MP BN,” said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Beau Christenson, Ready Anvil’s exercise control officer assigned to 504th EMIB. “This ultimately helped us to understand the importance of the role that the MP plays in supporting real-world operations.”

97th MP BN strives to increase interoperability with NATO allies by integrating partners and the Polish military police into Ready Anvil.

“The Polish land forces, and our NATO partners are helping us by sharing Army tactics, techniques, and procedures across the board," said Lt. Col. Sergent. We've integrated NATO partners in our collection point in Lithuania, we have French partners in Romania, and we have our Polish partners here.”

Although this was the first iteration of Ready Anvil in eastern Europe, participants expressed the importance of future rotational units conducting this exercise annually.

“The goal is to continue Ready Anvil every year,” said Capt. Langan. “Working with our NATO partners enhances our ability to react quickly and unified as armed forces.”

The 97th MP BN and 504th EMIB are proudly working alongside NATO allies and regional security partners to provide combat-credible forces in support of V Corps, America's forward deployed corps in Europe.