TAMC Nurses Week: Meet Maj. Amber Smith

By Hugh Fleming and Amelia DicksonMay 9, 2023

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Meet Maj. Amber Smith, who has been an Army nurse for nearly 13 years. Smith serves as the Medical-Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist, supporting Medical Surgical Nursing Department. Her Army nursing career began at Wright State University in Ohio, where she commissioned through ROTC. Since commissioning on active duty in 2010, Smith has had various assignments, two deployments, and is proud of the family she has made within the military

Learn more about Maj. Amber Smith in the Q&A below!

Q: What inspired you to become a nurse?

Giving… Giving to something bigger than myself. I’ve always wanted to be in the service industry in some regard, caring for others. I knew I wanted to give others the care they deserved during times they need it the most.

Q: What are five reasons to become a nurse?

1.     It’s the world’s most trusted profession.

2.     There will never be a time that your expertise will not be needed.

3.     It makes you appreciate LIFE. It humbles you.

4.     It’s incredibly rewarding.

5.     It’s the singular career where you can witness somebody’s first breath into this world and watch another’s last — a reminder that life is short.

Q: What advice would you give to a student interested in becoming a nurse?

I would advise them to ask themselves if they truly have a passion for nursing and for caring for others. Nursing can be painful, heart wrenching, physically/mentally/emotionally taxing, so in those moments, it will be their passion fir caring for others that will carry them through.

Q: How do you inspire future nurses?

Sharing my own experiences is the most impactful way to inspire future nurses. Being honest about “the good, the bad, and ugly.” Ensuring that they understand the power they hold in giving hope to every single patient; the magic they can bring to every situation simply by their words and their ability to listen.