TAMC Nurses Week: Meet Capt. Lucinda Agyeman

By Hugh Fleming and Amelia DicksonMay 8, 2023

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Meet Capt. Lucinda Agyeman, who was born and raised in the Republic of Ghana. She has been in the military for a total of 22 years, 13 years as a reservist and nine years active duty. She has been a nurse for nine years, and currently works as a Certified Emergency Nurse.

Learn more about Capt. Lucinda Agyeman in the Q&A below!

Q: What inspired you to become a nurse?

Watching my sister recover from a terrible injury caused by a motor vehicle accident. The care from the medical staff, especially the nurses, moved me. Just six months my sister was nursed back to her normal self, and I told myself that I wanted to be able to bring that same joy I felt back into someone else’s family by becoming a nurse.

Q: What are five reasons to become a nurse?

1.     It is an awesome way to give back to humanity

2.     Very rewarding to be able to nurse patients back to their normal selves

3.     Lots of avenues to pursue as a nurse: Emergency, OR, OB, Psych etc.

4.     You get to work with a variety of providers with different specialties

5.     The pay is not bad either, and you will always have a job

Q: What advice would you give to a student interested in becoming a nurse?

My advice to students would be to do their research. Become a nursing assistant prior to pursuing nursing. You must have a heart or spirit of service, because it can be emotionally draining and sometimes the things we see as nurses are difficult. Also, you need to be kind-hearted and empathetic, even when the patients you are taking care of are not kind.

Q: How do you inspire future nurses?

By mentoring and teaching them what I have learned, and showing them the path and the rewards that following by becoming a nurse.