100% identification checks at gates begin April 28
Traffic filters into Gate 7 at Redstone Arsenal. Starting Friday, gate guards will institute a 100% ID check at all the gates entering post. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

Beginning Friday, all commuters coming through Redstone Arsenal gates will have their access card scanned as part of an Armywide 100% ID check to revalidate labor force support requirements.

The 100% ID checks run from Friday to May 12.

A second round of mandatory checks is set for June 1-14.

“Redstone will be joining every post, camp and station across the Army in this data collection effort,” Garrison Commander Col. Brian Cozine said.

During these periods, the Trusted Traveler Program, Facial Recognition System and RFID lanes will be curtailed.

The Army will compare the results of the two phases and calculate more accurate labor force needs.

Cozine urged tenant organizations and employees not to shift to max telework to avoid potential traffic slowdowns.

“We’re asking leaders and employees to allow for more time to come through the gates,” Cozine said.

He urged leaders to consider staggering arrival and departure times to distribute the traffic volume.

The goal of the Army order is to determine security guard staffing requirements by tracking the volume per hour, per lane of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians entering the installation.

“The data collected from these events will be used to determine staffing requirements at access control points and will make traffic smoother for personnel in the future,” Cozine said. “This study could potentially demonstrate we need more gate guards, which would allow us to open more lanes. We are asking the workforce to be patient with us while we collect this data for the Army.

“The Army routinely collects data to determine the workforce necessary to run base operations smoothly,” Cozine said.

“Ensuring the identity of everyone who enters an installation is a key component aimed at keeping our population safe.”

Acceptable IDs

Common Access Card

Department of Defense issued Teslin card

Automated Installation Entry System generated access badge

AIE-generated paper pass

State-issued driver’s license or ID registered in the AIE system