Youth bowlers in Vicenza exemplify resilient military children

By Randall JacksonApril 11, 2023

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Military children face different challenges than their typical stateside counterparts. Many move to a new school every few years and have to start all over making friends and adjusting.

In Vicenza, the kids in the youth bowling league are not only thriving, but even having fun.

“I really love bowling. I come here every single second of every single day of every single year.  I love it very much,” said Garret Kelsay.

Youth Bowlers in Vicenza Exemplify Resilient Military Children

Bowling strikes and sometimes gutter balls, is all part of the experience of learning a challenging sport.

“To watch them be passionate about a sport that can take them somewhere their whole life is something that we all should strive to help them be,” said Bill Hargesheimer, Arena Asst. Mgr.

Some already have plans to make bowling a part of their future.

“I’m trying to get a scholarship to go to Wichita State College, I’m hoping to bowl for their team, then after I graduate, I’m hoping to become a professional for the USBC,” said Garret Kelsay.

The bowlers spend many hours mastering their sport and having fun while parents look on.

“I really like it’s a competitive sport, but also I get to do it with my friends, family and other people,” said Megan Luithle.

The Arena on Caserma Ederle provides 16 pro level lanes and equipment to let these youth shine.

Even though being a military child has its challenges, youth in Vicenza show it’s possible to overcome and even excel in new environments.