DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. - Maintaining the synergy between garrison and region entities, Mr. Russell Hall, Director, IMCOM Northeast Region, visited the USAG-Detroit Arsenal.

Garrison directors and chiefs were thrilled to engage in conversation and interact with their Regional Director in an informal, collaborative environment.

"The visit made me optimistic knowing the regional director is aware of the challenges at the installation level," explained Art Young, Director of Emergency Services. "Mr. Hall is a staunch advocate for empowering garrison managers/commanders with the tools to accomplish their mission."

During his visit, Mr. Hall underscored his support for the Detroit Arsenal community. With 90% of the installation undergoing construction, he toured the facility and explored options for enhancing partnerships with the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base. He listened attentively about crucial space allocation, budgeting and staffing concerns and provided valuable input for strategic communications and planning.

Mr. Hall also made it a priority to recognize eight USAG-Detroit Arsenal team members who exhibited superior leadership skills, developed installation cost savings/cost avoidance programs, and/or secured major upgrades at no cost to the garrison.

In reference to the upcoming transformation involving the Region Installation Support Team, Mr. Hall encouraged leaders to "engage" and get involved in the transformation.

"One size does not fit all," stated Hall. He explained that teamwork and balance is needed for garrison's to craft the solutions for program policy, oversight, and execution.

As a visible and accessible leader, Mr. Hall looks positively into the future. "As long as we have an Army that needs technologically advanced equipment, then there's a need for the Detroit Arsenal."