FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Normandy Pool on Fort Bragg was the Mecca of cool, wet fun as children of all ages met for swim lessons the week of Aug 3 to 7. The Flying Fish Swim Camp was hosted by the Fayetteville Flying Fish Swim Team. The goal of the swim team, together with coach and swim instructor, Oscar Roverato, was to build each child's confidence being in the water and encourage them to also have fun.

"It's about having fun and learning to swim," Roverato said.

By the end of the week, Roverato and the other instructors wanted the participants to be familiar with the four different swimming strokes: backstroke, breastroke, butterfly and freestyle.

While most of the children seemed fairly comfortable in the water, there were a few who were still wary of making the plunge. Evelyn Hudec, 3, stayed just out of range of stepping into the water. "She (Evelyn) is scared of the water," said Valerie Hudec, Evelyn's mother. "I signed up both of my children to learn how to swim."

Other kids dove in headfirst, like 8 year-old Allison de la Vega.

"I like it here, it's fun," said de la Vega. "I want to learn how to swim better."

Zooey Mack, 5, agreed. As evidenced by the large number of participants, the Flying Fish Swim Camp was a hit with both children and their parents as a great summer activity.

For more information about future swim
camps, call 574-6393.