HEIDELBERG, Germany - The Installation Management Command-Europe has created a new online calendar to help Soldiers, civilian employees and families leaving the region this summer.

The calendar, located on IMCOM-Europe's website, will identify available dates for household goods pick-up/pack-out, aid in permanent-change-of-station planning and encourage people to schedule appointments early to increase the likelihood of getting desired dates, said Jeff Schott of IMCOM-Europe's transportation office.

When accessing the calendar, customers will see that each day is colored either in green, yellow or red.

Green indicates household goods pick-up/pack-out dates are available. Yellow signifies dates are available, but quickly filling up. Red means household dates are unavailable.

"This summer's PCS season is projected to be one the busiest in a decade," Schott said. "But there are steps people can take to help ensure their moves are successful."

Schott suggests that customers take these steps:

Aca,!Ac Find an available moving day on the capacity forecast calendar located on the IMCOM Europe Web site, which is www.imcom-europe.army.mil.

Aca,!Ac Visit the garrison transportation office to book household goods shipment as soon as orders are received

Aca,!Ac Be flexible. Because others also are moving to new duty stations, people may have to accept a pick-up date two working days before or two working days after the one they want.

Aca,!Ac Finally, be prepared. Situations may force change of PCS plans.

"Your patience and cooperation will help ensure a smoother move," Schott said.

Direct access to the calendar is www.imcom-europe.army.mil/sites/divisions/logistics.asp.