Third Infantry Division Leadership Signs Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Proclamation
Senior leaders and members of the Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) program for the 3rd Infantry Division pose for a group photo during a proclamation signing in observance of the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April on Fort Stewart, Ga., March 16, 2023. The proclamation demonstrates the commitment of 3rd ID’s senior leadership by making sure its service members, family members and civilians are all aware of SAAPM, and the unit's dedication toward building the appropriate culture to eliminate sexual assault. (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Bernabe Lopez III, 50th Public Affairs Detachment) (Photo Credit: Pfc. Bernabe Lopez III) VIEW ORIGINAL

Fort Stewart, Ga.— Senior leaders of 3rd Infantry Division and members of the division’s Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention signed a proclamation together in observance of the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month on Fort Stewart, Georgia, March 16, 2023. Each April, SAAPM reaffirms the Army’s stance with a theme on the zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct and the service’s ongoing commitment to combat sexual assault in the Army and military communities.

This proclamation demonstrates the Division’s dedication to creating the appropriate culture to eliminate sexual assault and requiring a personal commitment from all of its Soldiers.

“In the past, we’ve always had the brigades do their own proclamation,” said Robert Lewis, the supervisory sexual assault response coordinator for 3rd ID. “This year, we decided to combine them into one proclamation so we’d have General Costanza’s signature on there along with all of his brigade commanders underneath to show unity.”

The SAAPM theme for this year is ‘Intervene. We are a Team: There is an ‘us’ in Trust. Can They Trust in You?’ The theme focuses on building trust among Soldiers so they can intervene to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. This requires trust within leaders and Soldiers to do the right thing when needed during potentially harmful situations.

“This year’s theme is about intervening and trusting,” said Amy Hendrick, the sexual assault response coordinator for Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield. “We want people to understand that they can trust the SHARP program – we are a part of them. I think once an individual knows they can trust you, then they will be more willing to talk with you about things going on. Our focus is making sure we can be trusted. Not just the SHARP program, but the commanders and leaders as well.”

Building trust in each other promotes unity within a unit. By creating an environment of trust, Soldiers build cohesion with each other, which promotes healthier climates. This lowers the risk of harmful actions, and if a harmful action does occur, Soldiers will trust each other enough to seek the help and guidance they need.

“Every Soldier is a leader, and we want everybody to be the best they can be,” said Lewis. “It’s important for leaders to have an open mind and connect Soldiers to the SHARP program, the victim advocates, and the sexual assault response coordinators that they have in their units and out in the field so we can get people the services they need.”