New E-EFMP site to help families with military moves

By Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. GrinstonMarch 20, 2023

There is a new Enterprise Exceptional Family Member Program (E-EFMP) system to make it easier and more convenient for Service members and their Families to navigate the wide and sometimes complex array of resources, benefits, and care available.

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E-EFMP is a secure, digital platform that streamlines enrollment and assignment coordination, and makes family support access easier. The system’s online form saves data and case files to the cloud (on-demand availability), which reduces paperwork and administrative hurdles while safely storing information during every household move, deployment, and rotation.

E-EFMP addresses the most common problems with the legacy system: transparency, timeliness of updates, potential impacts to the assignments process, and adds program execution consistency across the Army.

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Now, through E-EFMP, Soldiers can complete EFMP enrollment, reenrollment, and overseas Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS) if Soldier and family member are co-located. Soldiers and Families that are geographically separated need to contact their nearest Military Treatment Facility to complete Family Member Travel Screening (FMTS).

Finally, as we encounter challenges to the system, we will do our best to keep you informed on their resolution. I know from speaking with many EFMP Families this can be a significant cause for stress – especially during a PCS.

These improvements are a positive step to help take care of your Family so you can maintain readiness and Be All You Can Be!

In April, the system will receive many new enhancements, including:

  1. EFMP disenrollment capability
  2. Overseas FMTS packets for geographically separated Families (currently these are processed in two systems)
  3. Multiple medical providers will have the ability to complete DDFM 2792 (Family Member Medical Summary) for multiple diagnoses
  4. Families will have access to a digitized DDFM 2792- 1 (Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary)
  5. A senior leader dashboard to allow Command and Garrison commanders to view EFMP trends