SAAPM 2023 Theme Announced: Intervene. We are a Team: There is an US in TrUSt. Can They Trust in You?

By Chester Curtis, Army Resilience DirectorateMarch 1, 2023

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. This year’s theme is “Intervene, we are a team: There is an US in trust. Can they trust in you?”

“Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) is our opportunity to bring attention to the victims of sexual assault and harassment and focus on what still needs to be done to prevent sexual assault and harassment from happening,” says Jill Londagin, Director of the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program.

“Soldiers and Civilians from across the Army submitted themes to bring attention to the elimination of these harmful behaviors,” Londagin says. “And it is us all working together throughout the year that will have an impact, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”

Thirteen entries were submitted from Oct. 31, 2022, through Nov. 18, 2022. The submissions were placed on the ARD Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, where members of the Army team voted and decide on which entry resonated with them. The top three submissions were then judged by a panel of ARD and SHARP leaders who selected the winner. The judging criteria focused on message, theme and creativity.

Jess Wilson, a victim advocate with the 1st Space Brigade, Fort Carson, Colorado, submitted the chosen entry.

“I’m incredibly honored that my theme was selected. I’m also grateful to work with an amazing team to effect change in the Army and assist survivors of sexual harassment and assault,” Wilson says.

“This theme focuses on prevention, and challenges individuals to intervene to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault,” Wilson explains. “It also focuses on building trust within your unit (team) and is a call to action for Soldiers to intervene.”

“Intervene, we are a team: There is an US in trust. Can they trust in you?” will be featured on print and digital materials for the Army’s SAAPM 2023 campaign and available for download on the ARD products on demand site: https://marcomcentral.