Allen Cannon, Ph.D., is the new workforce development specialist for IMCOM-Europe.
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WIESBADEN, Germany – One of the things Allen Cannon enjoys most is assisting people in accomplishing their goals. He’ll continue to fulfill that mission as Installation Management Command Europe’s new workforce development specialist.

After a six-year stretch in the Air Force, Cannon turned his career toward workforce development and education where he’s worked in various capacities. Using his doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Cannon has also been an adjunct professor teaching graduate classes overseas for more than 16 years.

“My favorite part of the workforce development job is being involved with career development, and helping people achieve their goals,” Cannon said, using the example of several students he taught as first lieutenants who are now colonels. “It's just nice to see how people have progressed as they got their education and moved up in their careers.”

In his current role, Cannon is the co-project manager for IMCOM Europe’s Executive Leadership Development Program. He also supports garrison workforce development offices and works to provide training opportunities, such as an upcoming pre-retirement seminar, to staff across the region.

While he’s worked for various organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard and the Army Recovery Care Program, Cannon said he is happy to be back with IMCOM, providing support to staff overseas.

“We have an opportunity to do cool things in cool places, serving a cool population,” Being in an Army community overseas there’s a sense of commitment to helping each other that Cannon said really motivates him.  “It's about the fact that we have this very specific community that serves a very important mission, and we are supporting them in doing that. And that feels important. It feels good.”

Cannon recommended staff looking to develop in their careers reach out to him or to their garrison workforce development office to take advantage of every free education and training opportunity offered by the government, including Civilian Education System courses, leadership development programs and certifications.