“A lot of folks are counting on us, and you are doing great things here whether you see the direct effects or not,” said U.S. Army Col. Seth Morgulas, commander of the 369th Sustainment Brigade, when he visited Soldiers assigned to units under his command, who were forward deployed to Jordan.

Morgulas is a highly decorated Army veteran with three decades of experience leading troops. He possesses an unwavering commitment to his soldiers and a dedication to improving their quality of life.

He was joined by his senior enlisted advisor, Command Sgt. Maj. Curtis Moss, who also has three decades of experience, along with other operations personnel at the Joint Training Center in Amman, Jordan, early December 2022.

“I’ve been here before, when it was the older joint training center so it’s good to see improvements being made,” Morgulas said.

His purpose, he outlined, was to get the lay of the land, assess the organizations, the people, and the effectiveness of their operations first-hand.

As he continued to observe the updates to the facility, he continued to say that he wanted to show the Soldiers his appreciation for their service and to hear their thoughts on how he could help make their jobs and lives easier.

Morgulas and his team visited every section of their sustainment operations in Jordan that they could, whether it was finance, food service, freight management, fuel, maintenance, military police customs, mortuary affairs, postal operations, transportation coordination, water purification, or another aspect of sustainment.

“Every job is important,” said Moss. “Even if they don’t feel that way, every job is important.”

As they visited each location, Morgulas handed out brigade coins and certificates of appreciation to select Soldiers who were recognized by their leadership. These coins and certificates were symbols of their hard work and indicated that their efforts were seen and appreciated by their leaders.

Morgulas asked directly about logistics concerns and how Task Force Hellfighter could help alleviate those concerns.

He did not miss an opportunity to remind Soldiers that the commander of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command, Maj. Gen. Michel Russell’s number one priority for sustainment was supporting troops in combat.

“What you do has an impact on the lives of those troops in combat and austere environments,” Morgulas said to every group.

He took the time to meet with Soldiers and asked them about their experiences. He listened intently as they shared their concerns and ideas for improving their daily routines. Morgulas was particularly interested in their suggestions for making their jobs and lives less stressful to improve their support capability.

When Morgulas was unable to stop to talk to Soldiers, Moss would cover down to ensure Soldiers received an opportunity to voice their concerns and receive guidance in addressing them.

On other days, Moss would meet with noncommissioned officers to provide mentorship and guidance on how to better manage themselves and their Soldiers.

“Strong Sergeants make Strong Soldiers,” said Moss. “It’s not just a saying; it’s a call to action.”

He reminded everyone why they were there and to keep an eye out for each other, a consistent message he and the commander shared with everyone they met.

Moss also used the opportunity to ensure that leaders understood there was a process to the reforms the Army made to ensure that today’s Army is the premiere fighting force.

“Make sure you are treating Soldiers fairly,” said Moss, “Be fair and a genuine human being.”

The command team spoke to the Soldiers about the importance of Army values - loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. They emphasized that these values were the foundation of service, and essential for success.

They also talked to the Soldiers about the importance of foresight - anticipating problems before they occurred. Morgulas encouraged them to be proactive in addressing challenges and to think critically about potential solutions. Moss encouraged them to learn the things they believe were lacking so can leave a better organization for the next generation.

It's very important to maintain high standards in all aspects of a Soldier’s life, said Moss.

Morgulas said that upholding these standards was essential for the success of the Army and for maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people.

"So, remember why you’re here and continue to do great things," he said.