A large crowd gathered Aug. 10 to witness the star-studded firing of two Javelin missiles.

AMCOM commander Maj. Gen. Jim Myles and program executive officer for missiles and space Brig. Gen. Genaro Dellarocco each fired a Javelin missile as part of the normally scheduled Javelin Stockpile Reliability Program testing.

The general officers demonstrated confidence in not only the Javelin weapon system and training program, but also the SRP. The Javelin SRP was designed to provide the data needed to assure the Javelin missile maintains the expected performance, reliability and safety for the duration of its use in the field.

"This morning's firings are an evaluation of the Javelin program," Myles said. "But most importantly, it serves to remind us of our Soldiers operating around the world right now and ensuring that their weapons work every day, every time they pull the trigger."

The target was a tank hull 500 meters downrange, which both generals hit successfully, Dellarocco in direct attack mode and Myles demonstrating the top attack mode.

"It was an awesome feeling," said Myles, describing his firing. "There is nothing better than locking on and hearing that bang before seeing the target disappear. This weapon is a game changer. Our Soldiers are lucky to have it."

Addressing the crowd of more than 70, including scientists, engineers, logisticians and acquisition professionals from Close Combat Weapon Systems Project Office; Redstone Technical Test Center and AMRDEC personnel; and congressional staffs, Myles stressed how important the community at Redstone Arsenal is to the success of the ongoing fight.

"One of the most important things to a Soldier is confidence in their weapon," Myles said. "Your continued dedication and teamwork builds that confidence. It allows them to do their mission."

The Javelin weapon system, a true "fire-and-forget" shoulder-launched missile, is fielded to the Army and Marine Corps. This close combat missile system is capable of defeating armored vehicles, fortifications, and soft targets in full spectrum operations. Man-portable, Javelin consists of a missile in a disposable launch tube and a reusable Command Launch Unit that houses the day sight, night vision sight, and controls. The CLU allows for battlefield surveillance, target acquisition, missile launch, and battle damage assessment.

Dellarocco, speaking of his nephew who recently started infantry training at Fort Benning, Ga., said "his uncle just demonstrated that the Javelin works."

"We demonstrated that the Javelin stockpile is reliable," he said.