Army Warrant Officer Talent Management Policy Expands Direct Appointment, Commissioning Options for Soldiers

By Lt. Col. Joseph PaytonFebruary 16, 2023

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WASHINGTON – Today, the Army announced a new policy that expands direct appointment and direct commission opportunities across the Army warrant officer cohort with the exception of rated aviators and special forces military occupational specialties.

Army Directive 2023-02, Direct Appointment and Commission of Certain Warrant Officers, builds upon a 2021 directive that permitted the direct appointment of special forces senior non-commissioned officers to chief warrant officer two.

“We are excited to open our aperture for talent for our technical career field warrant officers,” said Lt. Gen. Douglas Stitt, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. “Our proponents now have the ability to identify talented personnel, who possess the right knowledge, skills and behaviors, to pursue pathways to service as a warrant officer.”

The new policy allows Army MOS proponents the ability to direct appoint a qualified Soldier to warrant officer one and direct commission a qualified Soldier to chief warrant officer two instead of warrant officer one.

“Warrant officers account for less than three percent of the entire Army; however, the technical expertise they provide is invaluable,” Chief Warrant Officer 5 Yolondria Dixon-Carter, Senior Warrant Officer Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Army. “We’re excited about the flexibility this gives us to build our bench of technical experts. Warrant officer talent management just got a lot better.”

For appointment as warrant officer, the Soldier must complete all phases of Warrant Officer Candidate School or its reserve component equivalent, as applicable, within two years of selection.

Soldiers who are graduates of advanced non-commissioned officers education with approved WOCS or WOCS-RC equivalency or constructive credit may qualify for an exception to this requirement.

Other exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Warrant officer candidates who meet accession requirements established by the DCS, G-1, in coordination with the MOS proponent, may be eligible for direct commissioning to chief warrant officer two in lieu of warrant officer one following graduation from the Warrant Officer Basic Course or because of MOS proponent technical and tactical certification and award of the military occupational specialty.

Soldiers interested in becoming an Army Warrant Officer can find more information and speak with a Warrant Officer Recruiter here.