Leader’s perspective: People, training key to command’s success

By Brig. Gen. Doug Lowrey, and Mission and Installation Contracting Command commanding generalFebruary 14, 2023

Leader’s perspective: People, training key to command’s success
Brig. Gen. Doug Lowrey presents updates on his commander’s intent to uniformed and civilian leaders from throughout the Mission and Installation Contracting Command during acquisition training Aug. 2 in San Antonio. Lowrey is the commanding general for the MICC. (Photo Credit: Dan Elkins) VIEW ORIGINAL

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Feb. 14, 2023) -- While we’re currently experiencing the most challenging recruiting landscape in decades, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command is committed to attracting individuals and training those new to the command to quickly become productive members of our workforce.

However, as our workforce continues to evolve through retirements, career growth opportunities elsewhere or other life events, we need people to come into our organization to help it grow and succeed in supporting the Army’s mission to remain a globally dominant land force that defends our interests at home and abroad.

The key to our future success is attracting people with a diverse educational background. Having backgrounds outside of the business sector allows us to better communicate with our supported units and see problems from different perspectives. Keep this in mind while we look to recruit new personnel into the MICC.

To ensure readiness and increase a comprehensive understanding of our contracting operations, we have deployed several courses during the past year to develop our workforce and address its training needs. The MICC Master Gunner, Contracting Support Operations Course, and MICC Intern Training and Acculturation courses were designed to help facilitate learning and increase efficiencies in our contracting operations.

We designed the Master Gunner Course for participants to transfer what they have learned in the course to others in their organizations, because they are the future, and the acquisition professionals they will train are the future.

The S3/CSPO course is designed that upon graduation, students understand the military decision-making process and how it must be adapted to support contracting operations to support large scale and multi-domain operations.

The intent of the MITA course is to provide our interns and junior employees the tools they will need as they navigate the beginning of their careers. The course gives them key introductory and hands-on training that is specific to the 1102 contracting career series, access and training on common acquisition systems they will use throughout their career.

These courses are important, because if we have the contracting means to fill a capability or capacity shortfall across warfighting operations, then we can provide the Army the strategic support it needs for mission success. We will continue to invest in our people, organize our processes, develop new training, and adopt new concepts on how we support our mission partners who allow the Army to maintain superiority over its adversaries.

We will also continue to invest in you, because the Army has the unparalleled ability to unlock a person’s full potential. Through Army service, Soldiers and civilians can contribute their individual passions and interests to something greater than themselves while improving who they will become.

We have all the guidance and framework for every MICC Soldier and civilian to excel professionally and deliver contracting excellence to help the Army win every day while delivering the goods and services at the right time and place for our Soldiers. Our objective is to focus on training while ensuring we are fully nested with Army Contracting Command and Army Materiel Command objectives. We will always fully support the Army Contracting Enterprise and further enhance the needs to support our workforce.

It is imperative to the MICC’s organizational success that we continue to look at ourselves as the command’s most trusted resource and grow new and innovative ways to sustain our organizational culture of winning.

People are our No. 1 priority; you are the greatest strength and strategic advantage the Army has to support the warfighter. Continue your unprecedented leadership, values and unmatched capability, and continue to be a source of pride for everyone everywhere.

People First! Winning Matters! Win Every Day!