Customers who live, work or do business at Redstone Arsenal will have an opportunity Aug. 24 through Sept. 18 to provide detailed feedback on all of the post's services.

The 2009 annual Customer Service Assessment, which falls under Customer Management Services, is the Installation Management Command's annual Armywide program for collecting customer feedback and using the data to evaluate and improve the delivery of installation programs and services. The assessment is intended to answer the all important question affecting resource allocation in IMCOM: "What does it matter to Soldiers and to their families'"

Most installations participated in this survey in 2008 when more than 20,000 individuals completed the survey. The customers -- leaders, Soldiers, family members, retirees, veterans, civilian employees and contractors -- provided information about the importance of programs and services, as well as rating how well the installation is providing services for them. Many survey results are already incorporated by installations throughout the Army.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Soldiers and their families to directly affect how services are provided at their installation," Joey Skinner, chief of the Garrison's Plans, Analysis and Integration Office, said. "All customers will be able to rate how well the services they receive match their expectations. IMCOM can use this feedback to improve services, which should ultimately affect Soldier and family quality of life."

Customer service officer Steve McFadden also emphasized the survey's importance.

"This is a chance to actually get the voice of the customer back to IMCOM and the chain of command," McFadden said.

For more information about the upcoming survey, call McFadden at 876-3294. The web link is (Garrison release)