AMLC Human Resources leader draws on coaching experience to build teams

By C.J. LovelaceFebruary 6, 2023

Daniels family
Kenneth Daniels is pictured with his daughter, Makayla, a senior guard for the University of Arkansas women’s basketball team, and wife, Wynetta, following a tournament in 2022. Daniels, a seasoned human resources professional and 21-year Army veteran, serves as interim director of the G-1 at U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command, drawing on past coaching with kids in sports growing up as he supports strong and cohesive teams at AMLC. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Kenneth Daniels) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT DETRICK, Md. -- With just 4.3 seconds remaining in a tie game, Arkansas senior guard Makayla Daniels took the inbounds pass, quickly dribbled up the court and launched a last-second shot against conference rival Vanderbilt.

The shot banked off the backboard as time expired and went through the hoop, notching the 22-year-old’s first buzzer-beater at any level in her 14-year basketball career.

In the stands, her father, Kenneth Daniels, said he had one of those “proud father” moments as he watched his daughter -- a standout and three-time state champion at Frederick (Md.) High School -- and her teammates celebrate the Jan. 17 win.

The incredible shot from deep three-point range was replayed over and over on several national television programs in the days that followed, including Good Morning America and earning the No. 1 spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10 Plays.

“I secretly thought it may make SportsCenter, but never did I think about it being No. 1,” Daniels said of his youngest daughter. “It was amazing to see her on the show. … Her mother and I are very proud of what she’s accomplished at a young age.”

In his professional life, Daniels is a seasoned human resources administrator, currently working as interim G-1 director for U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command headquarters. Before joining the civilian workforce, he served 21 years in Army human resources roles, retiring in 2010 at the rank of sergeant first class.

While serving, he and his wife, Wynetta, also an Army veteran, raised three children. They enjoyed sports growing up, leading Daniels to take on various coaching roles over the years.

On the sidelines, he tried to teach and embody many of the same character-building principles -- such as teamwork, accountability, discipline and a strong work ethic -- that come into play in his HR profession today as an Army Civilian.

“It’s always been about instilling discipline, hard work ethic, teamwork and accountability, and that’s what we’ve tried to put into Makayla and her siblings,” Daniels said. “In anyone that you’re coaching, you remind them it’s not just about you. Even though you may be taking the shot, you needed somebody to get you that ball before you can shoot it.”

At its core, the G-1 develops and implements effective policy and leads programs that build sustained personnel readiness in the Army's greatest asset -- its people.

“With the G-1, we’re responsible for getting the right people on the team in the right place at the right time, and putting people in position to succeed,” Daniels added. “Especially in medical logistics, somebody is depending on you to accomplish your mission.”

AMLC, the Army’s life cycle management command for medical materiel, has a global footprint with three direct reporting units that deliver integrated sustainment and data management to enable health services in support of operational Army units and joint forces worldwide.

Activated in 2019, the command continues to grow and change to fit the needs of the force, requiring an agile and strong human resources team to fill workforce needs and support Soldiers and civilians in their mission to protect and saves lives.

Sgt. 1st Class Donald Hosea, military HR administrator for AMLC, said Daniels brings a wealth of experience to his job, exhibiting patience and an abundance of knowledge that he combines with a constant positive outlook regardless of situation.

Following his active-duty retirement, Daniels worked for 10 years as chief of the Military Personnel Division for the Fort Detrick Garrison. He joined AMLC in March 2021.

“He has done an excellent job over the roughly two years in his current position, despite the hurdles of an ever-changing field with an extremely high operational tempo,” Hosea said of Daniels. “He established and maintained transparent communication with G-1 staff members and maintains a relaxed work environment based on trust and respect.”

Daniels regularly solicits feedback from staff members, helping to keep them engaged in HR practices and focuses on the success of the AMLC team as a whole, Hosea said.

“Mr. Daniels uses every opportunity to coach the human resources team like a championship NBA team, providing direct feedback regarding effectiveness of our processes and communicates with his employees on a regular basis,” Hosea added. “He’s a great leader and asset to AMLC and our mission.”