U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden and host nation fire fighters were immediately on scene following a simulated “terrorist event” during USAG Wiesbaden’s Installation Protection Exercise held on Clay North, Aug. 26.
U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden and host nation fire fighters were immediately on scene following a simulated “terrorist event” during USAG Wiesbaden’s Installation Protection Exercise held on Clay North, Aug. 26. (Photo Credit: Michael Kenfield) VIEW ORIGINAL

WIESBADEN, Germany – U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden was recently named the 2022 Best Fire Prevention Program of the Year by Installation Management Command Europe for their fire safety efforts across the garrison military community.

“The fire and emergency services community is on duty 24 hours a day, every day, sometimes putting their own lives on the line while protecting those who defend America,” said Sigurd Mack, fire protection specialist with IMCOM-E.

“Most (first responders) go unnoticed, but each year the (Department of Defense) recognizes outstanding accomplishments and honors fire departments, fire fighters, and heroes through the annual DoD Fire and Emergency Services Awards Program,” he explained.

USAG Wiesbaden Fire Prevention Chief, Karin Morrell, attributed the award to the Fire Prevention Division team.

“I have a very flexible staff that is capable to jump in and serve as regular firefighters or even crew chiefs. We’re able to help out at the dispatch stations, as we did during COVID, and man the emergency phone lines,” Morrell mentioned.

In the past year, the team of six inspectors, ensured public safety by providing facility fire safety inspection and testing oversight, as well as through education programs.

Some examples of their work included:

• Carrying out Inspection test and maintenance oversight of 151 sprinkler and 267 fire alarm systems, in coordination with the Department of Public Works.

• Conducting 545 fire risk management survey inspections in order to identify building deficiencies and assist occupants with corrections immediately or initiate work orders.

• Reviewing 70 major construction and renovation projects, totaling $112 million, ensuring code compliance in the highly complex OCONUS, or outside the continental United States, environment.


The USAG Wiesbaden Fire Prevention Program also encompasses community and public education programs, including spreading the fire safety message at 102 public education theoretical and practical trainings.

“The fire prevention trainings are important for the public because we teach children, office employees and units how to prevent fires within their areas and how to react in case of fire,” Morrell said.

The program taught the community about new safety technology installed into buildings, and also developed and maintained, in conjunction with the Wiesbaden Department of Public Works, a stairwell coordinator training focusing on the smoke detector function to avoid future false alarms.

Units are able to contact the Fire Prevention Division for training either in person, at the fire station or in an adequate space available. Training on how to use the fire extinguishers is also offered.

“To do fire extinguisher training, it’s best to have them (at the fire house) as the equipment is here. For large groups we (ask) if they can provide us with a room or reserve the Taunus Theater at Hainerberg,”said Morrell.

Morrell went on to add that they will often have guest instructors to present information about such topics as building safety which is an equally important topic.

“If (we) can teach people the dangers of fire and how to prevent it, it’s the best course of action and a key way to save lives.”

The USAG Wiesbaden Fire Department will compete at the Army level later this year.

To schedule fire safety training contact the Fire Prevention Division at DSN 337-5315 or 337-5883 or CIV: (0611) 705-5315/5883

In the event of a fire emergency, community residents can call:


  • DSN: 112
  • CIV: (0611) 143-548-0112


  • 112 (German Fire and Rescue)

For fire related non-emergencies call:


  • DSN: 337-5315/5883
  • CIV: (0611) 705-5315/5883


  • 112 (German Fire and Rescue)