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Community Programs and Services
Increased Liaison with Western Oahu Communities
Under the Partnership of Ohana Community Relations Program, the Army has increased liaison with western Oahu communities through the Waianae Military Civilian Advisory Council. Working with the Honolulu City and County, the council co-hosted a basketball tournament for Army Family Members and Youth from the western coast, in addition to hosting its annual Veterans Day Parade and Ho'olaule'a.

Free Chiropractor Services
"Physical, chemical, emotional stressors over long periods of time that go uncorrected can lead to things like degeneration of the spine and, untreated, can lead to immune system challenges," says Dr. Micaire Baxter, chiropractor and wife of an Army captain who recently spent over a year in Iraq. Because of these kinds of physical challenges being faced by Soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, Dr. Baxter is offering complimentary consultation and services.

Family Advocacy
Military Family Advocacy Committee (MFAC) is a joint military and civilian committee that meets monthly to discuss family advocacy best practices and current trends within the military with regards to family violence. The members include the family advocacy program managers from all services, military pediatric doctors, the Department of Human Services, and the Children's Justice Center. The MFAC works from memorandums of agreement with various State of Hawaii and Military programs to ensure continuity in services for Military Soldiers and Family Members.

Vehicle Weight Tax Exemption
On June 5, 2008, Governor Linda Lingle signed into law Act 141, which provides vehicle weight tax exemptions for non-commercial vehicles registered to Hawaii residents who are members of the military, including those in the National Guard, Coast Guard, and Reserves. Under the new law, residents who are Service Members assigned to a Hawaii-based military unit, and are in good standing, can exempt one non-commercial vehicle from state and county vehicle weight taxes.