USASAC marks successful fiscal year, plays pivotal role in supplying U.S. aid to Ukraine

By Adriane ElliotDecember 28, 2022

Fiscal Year 2022 proved a historic year for the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command, as it moved multibillion-dollar military aid to Ukrainian battlefields at record speeds.

USASAC, which oversees the Army's foreign military sales and security assistance programs, has facilitated the delivery of $2 billion in weapons, training and materiel since Russia launched its premeditated, unprovoked war against Ukraine on Feb. 24 2022.

In addition to the groundbreaking support to Ukraine, the fiscal year saw USASAC continuing to execute its foreign military sales mission in support of U.S. foreign policy, ending the fiscal year with $14.1 billion in new business.

Also new to USASC this year were several key leaders, including:

  • Brig. Gen. Brad Nicholson, who assumed command from Brig. Gen. Garrick Harmon during a May 24 ceremony at Redstone Arsenal. Nicholson joined USASAC as an experienced Foreign Area Officer and leader who has worked within the Security Assistance Enterprise since 2011. He has served as a political-military strategist and analyst on both the Joint Staff and at Headquarters Department of the Army. He has also been the Chief of Security Cooperation and the Senior Defense Official at U.S. embassies in Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania.
  • USASAC Chief of Staff Col. Stephanie Barton replaced Col. Nicole Heumphreus, who retired Sept.16 with 27 years of service.
  • Colonel Jason M. Kniffen assumed the position of Program Manager for the U.S. Army Military Assistance Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He replaced outgoing Program Manager Col. James Zanella during a June 28 change of charter ceremony.
  • The Office of the Program Manager-Saudi Arabian National Guard welcomed Col. Michael J. Trotter as the new Program Manager and bid farewell to Col. Kenneth J. Burgess at a change of charter ceremony conducted at the Ministry of National Guard He adquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, July 28.
  • Also, joining the USASAC team during 2022 was OPM-SANG senior enlisted advisor Sgt. Maj. Michael Behnkendorf. He replaced Sgt. Major Victor Milam and assumed responsibility on April 12.

2022 highlights from USASAC's Regional Operations (RO) Directorates include the following:

·      CENTCOM: During FY22, the Directorate implemented 146 total cases at a basic value of approximately $1.34B. CENTCOM currently has 2,207 active cases, with a total active case value of approximately $134.4B. There are 20 countries in CENTCOM. Emphasis on building capacity and supporting COCOM engagement strategies further strengthened regional partnerships across the Middle East. Significant CENTCOM priorities for the fiscal year included major deliveries of AH-64E Helicopters to Qatar and M1A2K Tanks to Kuwait.

·      AFRICOM: In FY22, AFRICOM saw $5.2 billion in new business, 1,864 active cases and a total program value of $4.9 billion.

·      EUCOM: The EUCOM Directorate saw $13.1 billion in new business, 770 active cases, and a total program value of $44.8 billion during FY22.

·      INDO-PACIFIC COMMAND/SOUTHERN COMMAND/NORTHERN COMMAND: During FY22, the Directorate implemented 133 basic cases, with a total case value of approximately $3.6B. A total of 121 cases were “Certified Closed” by DFAS, with a total case value of $371M. In FY22, INDOPACOM new business amounted to approximately $4.8B. It has 1,678 active cases, with a total active case value of approximately $38.9B. The Directorate includes 36 countries (24 with FMS cases) in INDOPACOM, 33 countries (22 with FMS cases) in SOUTHCOM, and 3 countries (3 with FMS cases) in NORTHCOM. The Directorate supports promoting security and peaceful development in the Asia-Pacific, South American, and North American regions, by deterring aggression, advancing regional security cooperation, responding to crises, and delivering materiel, munitions, training, provisioning, and facilities. Significant priorities for the fiscal year were M1A2SEP3 Tanks, M777 Howitzers, Beechcraft Aircraft, M1117 Armored Security Vehicles, HIMARS, Strykers, CH-47, UH-60, AH-64, Stinger and PATRIOT support.

Two of the command’s substantial, longstanding programs that have considerable impact on the global economy and stability in the Middle East are located in Saudi Arabia’s capitol city Riyadh.

  • The primary goal in 2022 for USASAC’s Ministry of the Interior-Military Advisory Group remains the advisement and training of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior as they defend their nation from terrorist threats and protect critical infrastructure.
  • USASAC’s Office of the Program Manager-Saudi Arabian National Guard continues to manage the Ministry of National Guard modernization program, to include force expansion; medical services; LAV fielding; aviation fielding and support.

At Fort Bragg, N.C., in FY22 the command’s Security Assistance Training Management Organization prepared, ordered, and employed a total of 30 Security Assistance Teams through Technical Assistance Field Teams, Requirements Survey Teams, and Mobile Training Teams in 16 countries in support of Army Security Assistance requirements and missions. Also in FY22, as the Army’s proponent for the Foreign Affairs Counter Threat, SATMO instructors successfully trained 148 military personnel and contractors.  to fully manage 44 Security Assistance Training Teams with case values in excess of $730 million, in 26 countries spanning the globe.

USASAC’s Washington Field Office is an economy of force mission that maintains a small footprint but has a huge impact on successfully overseeing USASAC involvement in the Global Train and Equip Title 10, section 333, BPC Building Partnership Capacity with our foreign partners. Overall, the WFO supported 56 partnered countries with 231 expiring fund cases totaling $556,115,417 of case value with a 97% overall obligation rate which is one of the highest obligation rates in the history of this program. Additional appropriations under GT&E included support to Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) programs totaling $74,874,894 with a 98% obligation rate. In FY 22, additional support to Ukraine under USAI including two additional appropriations in response to Russian aggression which amounted to $1,533,951,138 which will expire in FY23.

With over half a century in service, USASAC continues its vital mission of building partner capacity, supporting geographic combatant command strategies and strengthening global partnerships in support of U.S. national security.

From its headquarters in Northern Alabama, it serves as the “Army's Face to the World," with hundreds of employees stationed at Redstone Arsenal Alabama; New Cumberland, Pennsylvania; Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and in various locations throughout the globe.

Currently, the command manages over 6,600 Foreign Military Sales cases, worth more than $220 billion, for over 140 countries and agencies.