FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Forget road trips, sight-seeing, the local malls and county fairs. Fort Belvoir's MWR has several programs planned this weekend that will just make it unnecessary to leave the confines of the gates.

Float-in movie
Officers' Club, 7 p.m., Friday
The weekend kicks off Friday with a float-in movie at the Officers' Club from 7 p.m., with a showing of the movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens."

Xenia Chapman, O Club manager, said the club usually hosts float-in movies twice or three times each summer.

"At the last one, we had about 150 children and adults," Chapman said. "It's a really fun event, with the movie and food.

"We have a beautiful pool is a main reason families should come out. It's clean, the view is spectacular and the cost allow the whole family to do something outside in beautiful weather," Chapman said.

She added the event is open to everyone and said it is ideal as something for the whole family - adults and children.

Romecca Doran, the club's assistant manager, said the event is ideal because, "The kids can float around while watching a movie. And, the parents can relax and socialize or get in the pool themselves.

"It's like the uniqueness of a drive-in movie theater, but with water," Doran said, adding that the O Club has baby, lap and kidney-shaped pools.

"And, it's different here at nighttime than during the day," she said.

Doran also said the entire club staff enjoys the float-in movies, whether they're working or if they bring their families.

Talent show and variety night
Wallace Theater, 4 p.m., Saturday
Belvoir's submission into the Army MWR Festival of the Arts is a talent show Saturday. About 10 people will showcase their talents. In addition, though, the show will also have a performance by the Jabali African Acrobats from Mombasa, Kenya, and a youth theater performance of "Beauty is a Beast."

"The judges will score how we run the event, our sound system, lighting, costumes, volunteers and employees involved behind-the-scenes and audience participation," said Ryan Moran, MWR's special events coordinator. "Our entry is then judged against others at posts throughout the world, including Europe and Korea."

"The Army Festival of the Arts is a feeder into the Soldier Show and USA Express. All of these events are intended to boost morale," he said.

"Being judged high gives us bragging rights throughout MWR and allows us to win cash prizes, which, when we win, will go back into the budget for local, community events," Moran said.

He added the Army MWR's annual festival period is from March to September. Then, winners are announced in October in Salt Lake City at an MWR conference when all regions and installations are represented. The MWR conference is concurrent with the National Parks and Recreation Conference.

"We started planning this in mid-February," he said. "It's a great opportunity for everyone to come out and see what great talent is out there. The acrobats are amazing, the kids are ready-to-go and it's going to be a great show. The judges and text-message voting will make it really fun."

Bounce and Splash
Pullen Field, 1 to 5 p.m., Sunday
Wrapping up the weekend is the bounce and splash, another community-wide event. This year's event is at Pullen field, instead of P2 field as in some past years. The main attraction of the event, which will happen rain or shine, is a selection of inflatable water slides. The family event will also include a disc jockey and food and free popcorn and snow cones, face-painting, temporary tattoos.

"Pullen Field is ideal," Moran said, "because it's closer to where many people live in housing than P2 Field.

"It'll be a great community and family event," Moran said. "It'll be an amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy a Sunday afternoon. It's convenient and doesn't break the bank, which is especially important in these times."

"The series of events is actually about showing what Belvoir can do. We fully expect to set the bar for events throughout Army MWR with these events," Moran said.