Kick-start your professional development! New FM 3-0 educational resources make their arrival (and add to a growing library of products)

By Randi Stenson, Mission Command Center of Excellence Public AffairsJanuary 19, 2023

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FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (Jan. 18, 2023) When the updated FM 3-0, Operations, hit the street in October, leaders at the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate could have patted themselves on the back and taken a well-deserved break. Instead, the team entered a new phase following the launch: A phase dedicated to delivering products and resources to complement and augment the concepts and material in the manual.

In the time leading up to, and since FM 3-0 went live on the Army Publishing Directorate website, CADD produced a special series for Doctrine Digest (1-2 minute YouTube videos) explaining new terms and concepts, several Breaking Doctrine podcasts, an audiobook of FM 3-0, and a feature-length video of the FM 3-0 overview presentation.

The key to success, however, is that leaders know about the resources available and that they take advantage of these resources to learn about Army operations and the Army’s new operational concept, multidomain operations.

Many of the FM 3-0 offerings reside on CADD’s YouTube site at Users can subscribe to this channel to receive updates when CADD posts new products.

FM 3-0: An Introduction to Multidomain Operations is a feature-length recording of the FM 3-0 overview briefing, delivered in front of an audience at Fort Leavenworth. The video can help prepare Soldiers and other leaders for an upcoming mobile training team visit or serve in its place if an individual or unit cannot attend an MTT event.

Topics in the Doctrine Digest special series include:

Other products, like the Breaking Doctrine podcast, feature subject matter experts who take the listener on a deep dive into the history and writing of operations doctrine. Breaking Doctrine can be found on Google, Apple, and Spotify podcasts:

Episode 30: The Birth of Airland Battle

Episode 26: History of Large-Scale Combat Operations and FM 3-0

Doctrine audiobooks can be downloaded from the Central Army Registry. The FM 3-0 audiobook can be accessed at

If good, old-fashioned books and articles are the media of choice, check out:

"As The World Changes: Updated Field Manual Focuses On Multidomain Operations," Army Magazine, by Gen. Gary Brito, commanding general Training and Doctrine Command; and two of the FM 3-0 authors, Lt. Col. James Chester and retired Lt. Col. Matt Farmer.

“Musicians of Mars in Multiple Domains: Expanding Combined Arms in the Twenty-First Century,” Military Review, by Lt. Gen. Milford Beagle, commanding general U.S. Army Combined Arms Center; CADD Director Richard Creed; and FM 3-0 co-author retired Lt. Col. Matt Farmer.

"An Army at Sea: Why the New FM 3-0's Emphasis on Maritime Operations is so Important," Modern War Institute, by Lt. Col. Nathan Jennings, assistant professor, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

All of these products supplement the manual itself, located on the Army Publishing Directorate’s website­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ or visit the FM 3-0 Resources page for a "one-stop shop" of all things FM 3-0. This page will be updated as new items are released.