Safety topics to discuss with kids during the holidays

By Rupert Rose, 597th Transportation Brigade Safety OfficerDecember 20, 2022

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Army leaders at all levels can make a difference this holiday season by becoming personally involved and fostering a positive safety climate at home. Here are some important safety topics to discuss with family members:

Road Safety: Children are more susceptible to traffic accidents and injuries when there is no adult supervision. In addition to never allowing your children to play near roadways unaccompanied, you may lessen risk by teaching them to: look right, then left, then right again before crossing the road, and only cross the road if they are holding the hand of an adult or older kid.

Information Sharing: Teach your children to never give out information about their school, where they live, how old they are, or their phone number. Educate them about common scams and red flags, such as someone asking them to purchase something with your card and without your consent.

No Keeping Secrets: Children are often instructed to ’stop tattle telling', but educate them that if they feel the action was hazardous, damaging, or really nefarious, they should not be scared to inform you. Assure them that if they divulge their secrets, you will do your best not to pass judgment.

When And How To Dial 911: It is critical for youngsters to understand not just how to report an event to 911, but also when it is proper to do so. Write down the info they’d need to provide to dispatchers in the event of an emergency such as parent’s full name and address.

We hope that opening up these topics of conversation in your home help you and your family feel safer and prepared for the holidays!