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On November 29th, Honorable (HON) Rachel Jacobson, Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment) attended the 4th Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) & Microgrids Connect Summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss improving energy efficiency, resiliency, and environmental sustainability at US Army installations. Joined by her service counterparts HON Meredith Berger (shown left) from the Navy and Mr. Edwin Oshiba from the Air Force, HON Jacobson discussed the progress the Army is making to improve energy and water resilience, and the positive impact being made through partnerships with local communities and industry. “The Army’s Climate and Energy & Water Plans aligns with DoD’s Installation Energy Strategy, which is designed to ensure mission assurance for the warfighter, reduce energy costs, and improve the energy resilience of fixed installations,” Jacobson said.