Military spouses should consider remote work

By Angie ThorneDecember 6, 2022

FORT POLK, La. — There are a variety of options when it comes to finding a job at Fort Polk. You can start your own business through the Home Based Business Program, find a job of on or off the installation, apply for a federal position at Fort Polk or try something a little different — working remote from home.

A remote job in the federal government is one where you are not expected to report to an official agency worksite regularly. Instead, you will work from your home or other alternative worksite either within or outside of the commuting area of your agency’s official worksite.

Stacey Delgado, Army Community Service employment readiness program manager said it’s important to have an option like remote work for military spouses for a variety of reasons.

“Many have spouses who work the rotations (At Fort Polk, that means training that replicates a future deployed mission set for visiting units). This can cause some challenges with children, or for the couple with only one vehicle. Working from home gives them the fluidity to still earn an income but not have to worry about schedules, vehicles and other challenges that working out of the home can create,” Delgado said.

Being able to adapt at their current location as well as after a permanent change of station move are just a couple of benefits that remote work offers.

“Working from home provides flexibility. It is also usually transferable and the spouse can take her job with them to the next duty station. Being able to have a job that is portable helps to reduce the stress of moving,” Delgado said.

Right now there are many federal positions being turned in to remote work-from-home jobs.

“I see at least 35 on the website. These are with other federal agencies, and the military spouse preference can still be used per the Executive Order 13832,” Delgado said.

To find remote jobs and more information about how to apply on USAJOBS visit

Another site with good information is the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program.

If you don’t know your next step, this website, found at, can help you jump-start your career in the industry best suited to your skillset and experience level.

The program provides military spouses with professional training, networking and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce.

Finally, MilSpouse Roadmap at is a tool built with input from more than 1,500 military spouses that outlines three common military spouse career paths — entrepreneurship and self-employment, remote work, and reskilling and upskilling.

There are specific steps, suggestions and resources to help along the way.

Remote work can offer flexibility in where or when you work, but it requires self-dicipline, advance planning and a healthy work-life balance.

These resources can help you evaluate whether remote work is a viable option for you.