Being Fit Can Help You Avoid Negative Behaviors
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Ready and Resilient Training has some of the most challenging courses that test participants’ physical fitness. Maneuvering through land navigation, climbing a 64-foot rappel tower and enduring a five-hour ruck march can push a Soldier’s physical and mental limits. But building resilience through physical fitness not only prepares Soldiers for battle but also helps them avoid negative behaviors.

Notably, one 2021 study (“Fit to be good: Physical fitness is negatively associated with deviance”), published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, showed a connection between being physically fit and avoiding behaviors that contradict societal norms. Deviance is the fact or state of departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior. The study of 3,925 military recruits who went through physical training found that “those who score higher on physical fitness tests are less likely to engage in deviance.”

Being in top physical shape gives Soldiers energy and good endurance, which keeps them motivated to stay in this condition. And regular exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, helping with cognition. In stressful situations where Soldiers need the resilience to endure and overcome obstacles, having the strength and confidence to push through makes them more likely to succeed. According to Kyle Myer, a performance expert at Fort Leonard Wood, in Missouri, “our thoughts influence our physical state, and that physical state obviously affects your performance and how you feel about yourself.” The way Soldiers feel— physically, mentally and emotionally—is tied to their behavior patterns.

R2 training offers a variety of courses to enhance resilience, ranging from general fitness to pushing physical limits. R2’s programs, activities and tips test a Soldier’s skills and encourage growth. The goal is to equip participants with the proper tools to reach their full potential and encourage them to continually strive to better themselves.

Myer’s Top Three R2 Training Courses

Confidence: Productive self-talk strategies can counteract limiting beliefs and boost your mental edge to help you get the most from workouts.

Goal-setting: This course uses the WOOP (wish, outcome, obstacle, plan) method, a proven strategy to help people be healthier by increasing their physical activity and changing their negative behaviors.

Energy management: Participants learn to prioritize what they can control and to use breathing techniques to help them maintain composure in all types of situations.

Sign up for training at your local R2PC today. Choose to be fit and prevent any negative roadblocks to success.