Coordinated growth
Fort Sill leaders met the first week of November to decide how to support the growth of the post for years to come. (Photo Credit: Marie Pihulic) VIEW ORIGINAL

Armed with expertise, Fort Sill and community leaders met the first week of November for a strategic planning session. Col. Jim Peay, Fort Sill Garrison commander, laid out the need to coordinate efforts as Fort Sill rapidly handles the needs of the Army.

“We have to have a clear picture and understanding of where we are and what resources we need to get to the future,” said Peay.

Planning session
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Col. Jim Peay, Fort Sill Garrison commander, saw a need for strategic planning to ensure the post would be able to support the various Army missions. (Photo Credit: Marie Pihulic) VIEW ORIGINAL
Invested partners
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Stakeholders from Fort Sill and the surrounding community discussed what is happening now and the goals for the future during the November Strategic Planning Session. (Photo Credit: Marie Pihulic) VIEW ORIGINAL

This was the first planning session held in several years and Peay saw the necessity to build a coordinated way forward.

“Even at a time of reduction, Fort Sill is growing,” said Peay. “We have to be able to look at the support and services we have right now and improve for the Soldiers who will be back here in 2030. We owe that to them.”

Dr. Alvin Peterson Jr., Fires Center of Excellence deputy chief of staff, discussed the rapid growth taking place right now with a new air defense artillery battalion; the Army’s new SHARP Resource Center and Fusion Directorate; the development of Counter-UAS University; while simultaneously supporting two of the Army’s top six priorities: long range precision fires and air and missile defense.

“We are at the center of what the Army is doing, and we’re being pressed by our adversary like we have never been before,” said Peterson. “You’re going to have to modernize and build the enterprise that will support that growth.”

Brigade expansion
The 75th Field Artillery Brigade commander and deputy commander attended the Strategic Planning Session. Col. Dave Norris explained how the upcoming restructuring of the brigade will affect the different directorates and community in various ways. (Photo Credit: Marie Pihulic) VIEW ORIGINAL

Col. Dave Norris, 75th Field Artillery Brigade commander, drove home the urgency by outlining 75th FAB’s upcoming restructuring to a 3x9 formation.

“We’re going to almost double in size.” said Norris.

Peay pointed out that not only does that mean a growth in facilities and tracks, but an expansion in care for families, services, housing, school, and support from the surrounding community.

“We need to overcommunicate,” said Peterson.

Julia Sibilla, Fort Sill Garrison deputy commander, addressed the room and said, “Realize the role you are playing in the future of Fort Sill. Leadership is listening to you. You need to advocate for the organization in which you have expertise.”

Vincent Grewatz, Installation Management Command-Training director, commended the group for having the confidence to invite community partners to the strategic session.

The Lawton Public Schools superintendent, City of Lawton mayor, City of Lawton manager, and Cameron University president all shared how they are a part of the growth of Fort Sill.

The meeting ended with Mayor Stan Booker who said, “We are not just in, we are all in to support Fort Sill."

More photos from the strategic planning session can be found here: Strategic Planning | Flickr