FORT RILEY, Kan. - U.S. Army Spc. Frank Acevedo, a paralegal specialist assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Division Artillery, 1st Infantry Division, proves that the Army can develop more than just a fighting force.

Acevedo's words and insight shine a light on how everybody should approach life's daily challenges and seek to stay motivated while fighting the good fight.

"Before I enlisted into the Army, I felt like I lacked a sense of direction," said Acevedo, reflecting on his experiences since his first day in basic training." "Recently, I realized how all of our training is designed to develop an individual's whole Soldier concept. As a result of that, the Army has given me the time and resources I needed to discover who I really am."

Each day, Acevedo inspires several of his battle buddies to perform at a higher standard, both as a Soldier and a person. His subordinates, peers, and superiors all look to him as a positive example of Soldierly conduct.

One of the Soldiers he impacted was his previous officer in charge, Maj. Michael Scaletty, the senior defense counselor assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Division Artillery, 1st Infantry Division, spoke highly about Acevedo -- his accomplishments and character.

Scalletty recounted a specific experience with Acevedo, where Acevedo volunteered to participate in a defense counsel in rural Kansas. He sat down with the attorneys, and when interviewing witnesses, he took diligent notes and expertly developed questions and responses. He demonstrated a unique ability to strategize new planning avenues through his brilliant perspective. He was willing to engage with the witnesses and could articulate any situation to minimize confusion.

Although this scenario came to mind, none of it was new to Scaletty because Acevedo never complained about his taskings and had always been very contributive to the team, volunteering to do anything that needed to be done. Acevedo frequently asked to do case files, organize cabinets and make copies of disks. According to Scaletty, Acevedo’s maturity and wisdom are well beyond his years.

As a result of Acevedo's outstanding performance, his previous officer-in-charge has changed his perspective about how he approaches his own life.

"He has inspired me because of his mature outlook, intuitive problem-solving, and the way he approaches life in general, " Scaletty said. "His personality has rubbed off on me and he has encouraged others who are facing adversity to keep fighting."

Acevedo represents how well-rounded Soldiers should portray themselves to others personally, professionally, ethically and morally. His presence as a Soldier empowers others to rise to the occasion, and he is always ready to receive and conquer whatever challenges come next.

"At this point in my life, I am content," Acevedo said. "The Army has best prepared me to overcome any adversity that comes my way."