Enniburr Receives School Supplies Through LOGCAP V Donation Program
Personnel and students from Enniburr High School and Louis Berger Services commemorate an Oct. 13, 2022 school supplies donation from Kwajalein with a photo at the island's dock. (Photo Credit: Jessica Dambruch) VIEW ORIGINAL

Employees of LOGCAP V’s Louis Berger Services were welcomed by the residents and high school students of Enniburr as personnel made a delivery of donated school supplies on Oct. 13, 2022.

The LBS contribution to benefit the students is the latest delivery made by LOGCAP personnel school over the past weeks through an online drive for school supplies. Leading up to the deliveries, Kwajalein Atoll teachers are consulted about their changing classroom supplies needs. Lists may include teaching aids, writing supplies and sports equipment, among other needs.

To date, Ebeye schools have received materials from the drive, and a future delivery is planned for students on Carlson.

LBS Human Resources Supervisor George Navarro, Passenger Services Representative Nipaporn Schafer and Operation Specialists Monica Calep and Emina Kemem greeted all the students, their educators and a traditional community leader who met them at the pier. To show their gratitude the students presented flower leis, fresh coconut juice, and performed live music.

It was their first trip to Enniburr, Navarro and Schafer said. Getting to meet the island’s students was an affirmation of why LBS believes in their program.

“We just want the schools to have what it is they need, and to give them the best shot,” Navarro said. “We will be back with more supplies for Enniburr.”

LBS Site Lead Gregory Binford shared thoughts about the donation program in an email. He said he was encouraged by the response to the school supplies drive.

“It is so inspiring to think that if everyone helps even one student enjoy education just a bit more, it can create such a cycle of inspiration and good will towards our fellow humans.”