Class of 2023 Senior Street Painting Day
Kwajalein High School seniors Makoa McCollum (foreground), Maliana McCollum and Matai McCollum work on their street designs together on senior street painting day. Per tradition, the graduating Class of 2023 painted their unique street tags on Lagoon Road on U.S. Army Garrsion-Kwajalein Atoll Oct. 3, 2022. (Photo Credit: Jessica Dambruch) VIEW ORIGINAL

Lagoon Road got a bit more colorful on Oct. 3, 2022, as the Kwajalein High School Class of 2023 gathered to tag the street with original artwork. A portion of Lagoon Road was closed to deter vehicles from the area until the paint has cured.

The tradition of painting stylized symbols on the street dates back several decades, when the tags resembled artful signatures and graffiti.

Now, with concurrence from the Kwajalein School System, seniors paint for a full day with help from friends and family, often employing paint brushes and acrylics in addition to spray paint.

This year’s designs range in symbolism from sports, religious faith, Marshallese culture, hopes for future careers, popular media and original typographic design.