Community leaders share ready/resilient updates
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Garrison Commander Col. Brian Cozine addresses the fourth quarter meeting of the Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council. (Photo Credit: Erin Elise)
Community leaders share ready/resilient updates
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Key participants include, from left, Bryan Copeland, the community readiness and resilience integrator for the installation; Warnie Stokes, Army Materiel Command health promotion manager; Garrison Commander Col. Brian Cozine; and Col. Wendy Gray, commander of Fox Army Health Center. (Photo Credit: Erin Elise)


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Leaders from about 20 organizations across Redstone Arsenal heard briefings Thursday from the four working groups of the Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council.

The presentations were part of the CR2C’s fourth quarter meeting at Bob Jones Auditorium.

“It’s really important to be out here, sharing ideas, getting to meet and greet and seeing where we are, coming out of COVID, re-establishing some of the programs in a way that we feel like we’re being successful as we go into the future,” Garrison Commander Col. Brian Cozine, who chaired the meeting, said. “We’re trying to find ways to get ourselves back into what that new normal will look like.”

Though much of the information presented during the reports was focused on Army initiatives, “I do realize we don’t just have Army on the installation,” Cozine said. “We have NASA, we have FBI. We have Hunt partnerships, we have contractors, we have folks that live off our installation just as we do on the installation.”

The installation’s workforce of 45,000 is split between those who are teleworking and those working on post, he said, and “our kids go to schools outside the installation and not on the installation.

“So, there are a lot of opportunities in areas where our programs need to make sure they’re in place and make sure they’re always ready to assist in some form or fashion,” Cozine said. “Bottom line for me is, it’s all about Team Redstone. It’s about communicating and sharing those ideas.”

The CR2C functions as the senior commander’s executive agency and a forum for implementing and assessing all Ready and Resilient functions to improve the health, welfare and safety of Soldiers, civilians, family members and retirees.

The chair from each of the CR2C’s four working groups – Behavioral Health, Family and Social Resiliency, Physical Health, and Spiritual Resiliency – presented reports on their objectives, programs and best practices.

Bryan Copeland, the community readiness and resilience integrator for the installation, said the working groups “work together collectively to ensure that we have proficient initiatives as well as resources to support the overall holistic health and resiliency of our community.”

Copeland reviewed his goals and objectives for fiscal 2022: to strengthen partnerships with Ready and Resilient/Health Promotion stakeholders across the Redstone Arsenal community, update and market Redstone’s Community Resource Guide and support Headquarters, Department of the Army priority of People First Task Force Four Lines of Effort (under revision). He also presented goals for fiscal 2023.

Representatives from the Garrison Safety Office, Hunt Military Communities, Commissary and Exchange also gave updates.

Cozine said he appreciated the attendance at the meeting.

“We need to continue this regardless of whether we have a senior commander or not,” he said. “Making sure that our programs are ready for the future is very, very important.”