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The U.S. Army Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth began soliciting feedback Oct. 1 through the installation-wide Community Strengths and Themes Assessment (CSTA) to evaluate how Fort Leavenworth can improve community health, wellness, readiness and resiliency.

The CSTA survey is a requirement by Headquarters, Department of the Army conducted every two years to assist commanders in the development of a responsive and holistic community support plan. While participation by the community is voluntary, post leaders encourage participation from all members of the community to include service members, families, civilian employees and retirees.

“Reaching a wide cross-section of the community ensures that the concerns of all those who use our services and facilities are taken into account,” said Lt. Col. James Nicholson, command surgeon for CAC. “Our goal is to obtain the feedback of at least 400 respondents between now and the end of the year.”

The CSTA survey was developed to improve readiness, resilience and quality of life on Army installations. Past CSTA results have resulted in positive changes in healthier food options at dining facilities and commissaries, as well as counseling opportunities.

Nicholson said he understands people are busy but believes the 15 minutes spent to respond to the CSTA survey can make a big difference in future programs and initiatives that may ultimately be instituted for Fort Leavenworth.

“This survey offers a unique opportunity for our community members to voice what they believe our strengths and weaknesses are,” Nicholson said. “Your voice matters.”

Visit https://usaphcapps.amedd.army.mil/Survey/se/25113745648F0C25 to take the survey. The survey consists of a series of questions pertaining to family, social, psychological, spiritual and physical themes, as well as overall community wellness.