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The U.S. Army observes Energy Action Month (EAM) each October to promote energy security initiatives and to emphasize operational and installation energy resilience. EAM provides an opportunity to reinforce key messages that secure and reliable access to energy is vital for the Army to perform its mission and support global operations.

The Army’s first priority is readiness – ensuring that Soldiers have the tools and training they need to be lethal and ready to fight, survive and win. Readiness requires a Total Army force effort, to include the work of the Army energy programs and professionals.

“Energy Resilience: Sustain the Mission ~ Secure the Future” is this year’s theme for the Army’s Energy Action Month, which reflects the critical importance of installation and operational energy resilience to support Army readiness.

EAM raises awareness of Army energy security and resilience initiatives to encourage Soldiers, Family Members, Army Civilians, Defense Contractors and utility partners to promote efficient energy behavior, improve resilience by incorporating energy sustainability and resilience into everyday decisions, and reduce energy consumption.

“As the current stewards and tenants of the U.S. Army garrison Picatinny Arsenal, our community has a collective responsibility to conserve energy resources while fulfilling our missions,” said Lt. Col. Alexander Burgos, Picatinny Arsenal garrison commander. “Conscious use of energy and elimination of waste energy loads avoids energy procurement costs and thus allows the garrison leadership to fund other garrison mission support operations.”

EAM provides an opportunity to raise awareness of Installation and Operational energy resilience initiatives in programs and equipment.

As a result, installation officials will hold Picatinny Arsenal Energy Action Day at the Sam Adams Pub on Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Picatinny energy and environmental department engineers will be available along with energy industry representatives to share information from an array of energy related programs available for homeowners and businesses. Learn about home improvement resources and energy cost assistance programs from utility companies. Also, get an update on Picatinny Arsenal energy and water conservation and renewable energy projects.  Meet industry representatives from:

·       JCP&L Electric

·       New Jersey Natural Gas

·       Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative (SREC)

·       New Jersey Clean Energy

Picatinny Arsenal spends more than $15 million annually for energy and water. To reduce this spend, Picatinny Arsenal continues to reduce site energy use through current, and future projects including:

·       LED Lighting upgrades in progress throughout the base

·       Building Energy Audits

·       HVAC Improvements

·       Boiler efficiency upgrades

·       Solar panel field current use and future expansion

·       Cogeneration plant for combined on-site electricity and heat generation

·       Planning for government electric vehicles

Your participation is needed in helping to reduce energy consumption. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Turn off lights and lower thermostats when space is not occupied and especially when leaving for the day. 
  • When possible, turn off equipment when not in use. 
  • Report building issues that need attention, including those causing higher energy consumption, by contacting the building manager.

Picatinny Receives New Jersey Clean Energy Credits

Picatinny Arsenal is continuing to reap the benefits of funds paid into the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) by applying for incentive payments for energy projects across the Installation.

In 2022 and 2023, Picatinny anticipates a total of $2.2 million of incentive payments awarded. That amount includes incentives for LED lighting upgrades to 22 buildings, a final cogeneration plant incentive and a boiler efficiency upgrade incentive for two steam plant boilers. The incentive funds are being used for additional energy conservation measures (ECMs) as the funds become available.

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program is funded through monthly charges on gas and electricity bills called Societal Benefits Charges (SBC). Picatinny Arsenal is billed more than $200,000 annually for SBC charges. The total amount for annual utility bills for the Arsenal is more than $7 million and the SBC portion represents approximately three percent of the utility budget.

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