Training Fact Sheet: The Army Training Network = Resources at the point of need

By Training Management Directorate: Combined Arms Center-TrainingOctober 5, 2022

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“The Army trains to fight and win” – FM 7-0, Training

History is replete with examples highlighting the ability of a well-trained force to successfully confront a numerically superior threat. None is more poignant than the current conflict in Ukraine. Achieving the level of training needed to fight and win requires units and their leaders to have access to training resources that enable efficient and effective training. The Army Training Network (ATN) is a secure, web-based portal that provides access to the training and education resources units need. With over 40,000 visitors each month, ATN provides a platform for proponents to provide training products and information to Soldiers and leaders across the Army.

ATN ( is a web-based portal that serves as a single point of entry to training doctrine, tools, products, and services. It offers secure access to numerous proponent pages using either a Common Access Card (CAC) or with an Enterprise Access Management System – Army (EAMS-A) username and password. The information contained within the proponent pages hosted on ATN assists commanders as they prioritize, plan and prepare, and execute and assess training. Two examples which can have a direct impact on training are the U.S. Army Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) Physical Readiness Training (PRT) and the TRADOC Proponent Office Force on Force (TPO FoF).

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As the Army transitions from the Army Physical Fitness Test to the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), the H2F PRT page on ATN is of particular importance. Knowing how the Army is implementing the ACFT is important for organizations and Solders across the Army. Understanding ACFT events, how to train for the events, and how the events are scored allows units and individuals to better prepare for success. Visitors to the ATN homepage can easily access the H2F PRT page under “Specific Training Resources” by clicking on “ACFT Guidance and Training Resources” or by searching for ACFT. The H2F PRT page has links to view and download current publications, conditioning drills, and exercises to assist leaders in developing and executing physical fitness programs. It provides ACFT-specific documents and resources including implementation directives, ACFT event descriptions, equipment requirements, and printable scorecards.

Training in a live environment is one of the best ways for units to achieve the commander’s prioritized mission-essential task proficiency levels. Using tactical engagement simulations, such as the Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES), during live training adds realism and allows units to train the way they intend to fight. The TPO FoF page includes access to I-MILES certification presentations. These presentations help units to train personnel on the safe installation, maintenance, and operation of I-MILES. I-MILES qualified personnel at the individual, crew, and unit level is essential to quality force-on-force training. The ability to correctly employ and maintain any weapon system is critical to accomplishing combat operations. Knowledge of the systems, to include combat vehicle systems, individual weapons, and shoulder-launched munitions, enhances live force-on-force training. It reduces I-MILES issues and mitigates risk allowing units to focus on achieving proficiency in their tactical tasks. There are additional resources and information under the ATN’s Home Station Training Enabler menu which includes the Operational Environment / Opposing Forces (OE/OPFOR), links to locate Training Aids, Devices, Simulations, and Simulators (TADSS), as well as Games for Training (GFT).

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ATN also serves as a single point of entry to external proponent pages. Once securely logged in to ATN, visitors can utilize the search tool to find and access specific proponent websites. One example is the Center for the Army Profession and Leadership (CAPL). Leader development is an important component of preparing leaders at all echelons to effectively train and lead their units. Accessing the CAPL website through ATN provides self-development tools, leader development guides, and other resources to assist in planning, preparing, and conducting leader development. External proponent websites include, but are not limited to, the Mission Command Center of Excellence, the Combined Arms Sustainment Command’s Army Sustainment Portal, and the Fires Center of Excellence Fires Knowledge Network.

There are a wealth of training and training management tools and resources available on ATN to assist with developing a well-trained force. In addition to the examples provided, tools such as the Digital Training Management System, Small Unit Leader Tool, and Digital Job Book assist to manage and track training from the unit down to the individual level. ATN provides a gateway to training doctrine and publications, higher level training guidance, and home station training enablers. If a user has a problem, the Army Training Management System (ATMS) Help Desk is available throughout the work week to assist.

Preparing units to fight and win in accordance with Army doctrine requires planning and resources to properly execute. The Army Training Network provides access to training resources and training management tools all at a single site. Make ATN your first stop when planning and preparing training. Visit ATN today at and see what you can find to prepare yourself and your unit for the next mission.

The Training Management Directorate at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the Army’s proponent for training management. TMD manages, develops, and sustains Training Management doctrine, processes, products, and systems to enable training and training management across the Army’s Institutional, Operational, and Self-development training domains. Fundamental products of TMD include the Army Training Network (ATN), the Digital Training Management System (DTMS), and the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS). For more information on TMD products and services, visit ATN at and be sure to check out FM 7-0, Training at