374th Hospital Center personnel unload notional patients during mass casualty training  at Fort McCoy.
374th Hospital Center personnel unload notional patients during mass casualty training at Fort McCoy. (Photo Credit: Courtesy photo) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT McCOY, Wis. - First Army's 120th Infantry Brigade’s 4-393rd Medical Battalion (Eagle) partnered with the 181st Infantry Brigade and the 4th Cavalry Brigade to support the 374th Hospital Center's Culminating Training Event here.

The 374th HC’s ability to assume its role as Task Force Medical in support of Operation Inherent Resolve was aided by First Army Observer Coach/Trainers (OC/Ts). These subject matter experts play a critical role in the mobilization of Reserve Component units.

The 374th HC initiated their road to readiness 13 months prior to mobilization under the constraints of COVID, requiring a virtual Multi-Component Joint Assessment, which the 181st and the 4-393rd Medical Battalion helped facilitate. The assessment enabled the 181st to assist the 374th to develop pre-mobilization training plans and requirements which enabled the 4-393rd Medical Battalion - First Army’s only Medical OC/T Battalion - to develop a post-mobilization culminating training event validate the 374th HC’s ability to conduct their mission.

In August 2021, the 181st was called to support Operation Allies Welcome; however, 4-393rd Medical Battalion was there to bridge the gap by providing a seamless transition to 4th Cav for pre-mobilization partnership with the 374th HC. The 4th Cav quickly assumed its role, exercising weekly coordination points with the 374th and 4-393rd Medical Battalion to assess training and readiness requirements.

Additionally, OC/Ts and the 4-393rd Medical Battalion exercise project officer partnered with the Medical Readiness and Training Command, coordinating for use of Fort McCoy’s Regional Training Site (Medical) to facilitate the 374th HC’s Culminating Training Event (CTE). The 181st and 4-393rd Medical Battalion planned and resourced movement and lodging of exercise support personnel, including subject matter experts and OC/Ts to provide a realistic, rigorous, and relevant CTE.

The team effort ensured the 374th HC mobilized and completed movement from home station to Fort Hood, Texas, for post-mobilization requirements and through to Fort McCoy to complete the required CTE before assuming its mission in the CENTCOM theater of operations. Constant communication and coordination among the training audience, the pre-mobilization training partner, and the post-mob training partner were the keys to success.