Modernized Captains Career Course features blended learning

By Harrison SarlesSeptember 20, 2022

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas. - The Army is fielding a modernized Captains Career Course that blends distributed learning and face-to-face classroom content. According to Army University’s Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs the distributed learning portion of the course will launch on October 1 and will be required for captains scheduled to attend the resident career course beginning April 1, 2023 and later.

The Captains Career Course Common Core is the distributed learning content. It includes 39 lessons on the Army Profession, Mission Command, Operations, the Operations Process, and Unit Training Management offered online via distributed learning. Completing common core will be required before attending the resident phase of the course.

Army University has worked with branch proponents and assignment officers to ensure captains and first lieutenants scheduled for the career course beginning April 1 or later are prepared for the modernized course and understand the need to enroll in and complete the distributed learning portion of the course prior to attending the resident portion.

Modernizing the Captains Career Course is critical to fielding the 2030 Army and supports Training and Doctrine Command’s vision for modernizing leader development. Benefits to the modernized course structure include increased time to develop expertise in branch technical and tactical knowledge and skills. Each branch proponents’ school will offer over 150 hours of additional time dedicated to honing branch-specific skills so that students hone their expertise in their respective fields.

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