Sell your car: A guide to getting rid of your POV at USAG Bavaria

By Jaquetta GoodenSeptember 8, 2022

Editor's Note: this article was originally published by Jaquetta Gooden. It has been updated by USAG Bavaria PAO in September 2022.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria wants to help you, the community member, understand the proper process and procedures to sell or dispose of your privately owned vehicles.

To reduce the number of abandoned vehicles across USAG Bavaria, here is how to conveniently and legally get rid of your POV.

Transfer or sell your vehicle

•            Sell your POV to a person without SOFA status

If you plan to sell or transfer your POV to a person or vendor in Germany who has no NATO Status of Forces Agreement, that person or vendor is not entitled to customs exemptions. The transaction, therefore, must be processed through the U.S. Army Customs Agency-Europe and approved by German customs authorities for payment of taxes or duties by the buyer.

Once cleared through customs, you, the U.S. forces member or family member, must take a copy of the customs document, the license plates, the bill of sale, valid registration and the lien release (if applicable) to the vehicle registration office to have the vehicle removed from your record.

The registration office will verify the information provided by the POV owner, complete the form AR 190-AA and give two completed copies of the form to the POV owner for insurance cancellation. The registration office will issue the owner AE Form 190-1S to be completed for each POV. The registration office will send the third copy of the form and corresponding documents to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for processing.

·       Sell your POV to a person with SOFA status

If you intend to sell your POV to a person with SOFA status, process the transfer with the buyer at the registration office. Visit the USAG Bavaria vehicle registration page for more information.

Visit the Vehicle Registration Page to download the necessary checklist needed to sell your POV to either a Non-ID Card Holder or another ID Cardholder, to ensure your selling process is smooth.

Turning in vehicle to Family and MWR

You may turn in your POV to the local Family and MWR Automotive Skills Center as long as it has a valid registration.  Auto Skills will charge a fee to cover expenses associated with removal and disposal of hazard materials.

Auto Skills will decide if the vehicle may be made road worthy with a reasonable investment of money and time; these vehicles will be sold by Family and MWR during one of its closed-bid auction held throughout the year. Family and MWR does not sell privately-owned vehicles on behalf of customers during closed-bid auctions. If a vehicle is deemed not to be road worthy and/or too expensive or difficult to repair, it will be recycled.

You need to provide a copy of AE Form 190-1Z, Certification of Release/Donation of POV, to the local registration office to prove the turn-in to Auto Skills.

POV resale lot:

USAG Bavaria’s Family and MWR has a POV resale lot for those who are interested in selling or buying a used vehicle. The resale lot on Tower Barracks is located next to Library, Bldg. 607. DoD ID Card holders interested in placing their POV in the lot must register with Auto Skills.

The operating hours are Wednesday - Friday from 11:30 a.m. - 7 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Use of the vehicle resale lot is open to all USAG Bavaria active duty military, DoD civilians, NATO ID cardholders and U.S. retired military personnel on a space available basis. Active duty service members and DoD civilians assigned to USAG Bavaria with PCS orders are given priority. Non DoD-ID Card holders are ineligible to use the lot.

Tower and Rose Barracks Vehicle Auctions

The Tower Barracks and Rose Barracks Automotive Skills Centers host closed-bid vehicle auctions throughout the year. They’re open to all ID card holders. Details are announced on the Bavaria Family and MWR webpage and social media sites.

For additional information, visit the Family and MWR Vehicle Auction page, or contact Family and MWR Services at DSN 526-9065, CIV 09641-70-526-9065.

IMPORTANT: Your vehicle must have valid registration for any of the options above. If your registration is already expired, turn in license plates to the vehicle registration office, and make a valid registration (can be non-operational) before POV disposal, or before you sell to persons or vendors who do not have SOFA status.