Oktoberfest 2022 in Munich: A traveler’s guide

By USAGBavaria PAOAugust 23, 2022

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The 2022 Oktoberfest in Munich runs Sept. 17 through Oct. 3. without any Corona restrictions according to the official website. With over six million guests a year, the Oktoberfest celebrates Bavarian tradition with delicious food, Munich beer and countless rides and attractions.

The Oktoberfest, also called “Wiesn”, takes place every year on the largest fairground in Munich, the Theresienwiese. The fairground is located quite centrally in Munich, slightly southwest of the city center. As always, admission to the Oktoberfest festival area is free.

However small handbags and other belongings will be checked at all entrances.

All backpacks and large bags, or anything with a capacity of more than three liters, are strictly prohibited at the festival, Munich police said. Exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis for justified reasons, such as support for handicapped people.

Other prohibited items include glass bottles, spray cans and any items that can be used as a weapon. Strollers and buggies are allowed, except on Saturdays, German Unity Day on Oct. 3 and all other days after 6 p.m.

What you need to know:

  • Beer is served starting 10 a.m. A liter of beer will range from €12.60 to €13.80.
  • Sales booths and stalls open at 9 a.m.
  • Attractions open at 9 a.m. (except first day: after opening ceremony at 12.pm.)
  • Festgoers can celebrate in a total of 17 large and 21 small festival tents from Monday to Thursday, between 10 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays between 9 am until midnight.

While individuals can always try to get seating in a tent, groups should reserve a place beforehand since non-reserved seating is quickly occupied. Entry into the beer tents is free. However, a reservation, which includes tokens for beer and food, is highly recommended.

More information on how to reserve a table can be read here.

Preparing for the festival


  • Backpacks and large bags
  • Anything that could be construed as a weapon
  • Drones and electronic scooters


  • An official passport or photo ID
  • A copy of passport or photo ID, in case it is lost or stolen at the festival
  • The beer price ranges from 10.80 to 11.80 euros. Be prepared to also pay a server fee, or “Bedienungsgeld,” in some cases
  • Traditional Bavarian dress “Tracht.” It’s not required, but it is highly encouraged
  • Your Oktoberfest safety trifold with important numbers


Driving is not recommended, due to heavy traffic congestion around the city and limited parking. Drivers are encouraged to utilize Park-and-Ride areas or take public transportation.

You can find the fest grounds by taking the underground lines 4& 5 (U4, U5), exit at “Theresienwiese” or “Schwanthalerhöhe”,or take the street cars (“SBahn”) S1 - S8, exit at “Hackerbrücke”.

From the main train station, the festival “Oktoberfest” can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.

More useful information:

REGISTER for Alert! to receive alerts and security messages from the garrison.

Check out the Wiesn-Barometer to see a schedule of the festival’s busiest days and times. You can also download the official smartphone app for more maps and tips in English and German.


Police, first aid, lost-and-found department: the Service Center

Just behind the Schottenhamel tent is the Theresienwiese Service Center. Here the most important contact points for those seeking assistance can be found. Among others you can find:

  • The Wiesn Police Station

The central police station, which sends out continuous patrols across the Wiesn, can also be directly sought out here.

  • First aid

For minor injuries you can get a band-aid or something more. In emergencies please always call 112 and give as many details as possible. The tent entrances have a letter for the compass direction and a number – naming these helps the emergency services to find you.

  • The Security Point

For female guests there is, following the campaign “Safe Wiesn”, a contact point in case of harassment, theft or if you lose contact with your group. You can also order a taxi from this point.

  • The lost child Point

Lost children can be left and collected here. You can also find baby changing and breastfeeding areas around here.

Important Phone Numbers:

  • Federal Police Inspection Munich:+49 89 515550-111
  • Police (Wiesnwache): +49 89 500-32-20
  • Emergency: 112
  • Fest Management: +49 89 233-82801
  • Security Point for children and women: +49 89 8905745188
  • Lost and Found: +49 89 233-82835
  • Taxi: +49 89 21610 or +49 89 19410
  • Munich Traffic Association: +49 89 41424344


Important Notes

  • Be aware of pick-pocketing, and keep your personal belongings in secure location
  • Do not take beer mugs outside Oktoberfest tents. It is a criminal offense, and violators will be forced to pay a heavy fine. Official mugs can be purchased as souvenirs from vendors
  • Do not stand or dance on tables. Standing on benches is allowed
  • Avoid disputes. Parties involved in physical fights may be arrested, and use of a beer mug as a weapon is considered “assault with a deadly weapon” by German law
  • Oktoberfest beer has high alcohol content. One “Mass,” or liter, of traditional Oktoberfest beer has about the same alcohol content as a six-pack of American beers
  • Do not smoke inside the tents. Smoking is permitted at designated outdoor smoking areas only

Please always check the official website for Corona-Updates!