FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Ten Fort Jackson Soldiers are closer to becoming citizens after going through their immigration interviews last week.

For the first time, an officer from the Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Charleston conducted interviews at Fort Jackson. The interviews are part of a collaborative effort between CIS and the Army to make it easier for Soldiers and their families to receive services.

Earlier this year, Army Community Service started workshops aimed at helping Soldiers and their family members with citizenship applications.

The interview process consists of verifying the background information on the application; checking the immigration status and administering the citizenship test. The interview process is the final step before the naturalization ceremony.

Officers from Charleston will also travel to Fort Jackson to be a part of the ceremony and administer the oath of allegiance this month, another first for the post.

Miranda Broadus, Army Community Service Relocation Program manager and Maxima Holmes, Personnel Service Processing Work Center, coordinated the event.

This service will be extended to family members as well. Once a family member applies for citizenship and receives a file number, he or she should contact the ACS Relocation Program manager for help in setting up the interview.

Broadus said the additional services will fill a void for many Soldiers and families.

"I think this is awesome, especially if they are able to offer the same services to the family members, because it's much needed," she said.

For more information about immigration and citizenship services, call 751-1124.