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For more than a decade, the Department of the Army has declared August as Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness Month to increase awareness and vigilance in protecting Army communities from acts of terrorism.

The intent of Antiterrorism awareness month is to inform and create awareness of threats and achieve a heightened awareness for members of the Army to detect terrorist and violent extremist activities, as well as prevent and protect the community from acts of terrorism.

Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to the nation and the forces. Army forces (including installations, stand-alone facilities and operational units) must be capable of deterring, preventing, and defending against the full range of terrorist tactics.

By integrating antiterrorism doctrinal principles with constant antiterrorism awareness, the Army ensures the safety and security of its people (Soldiers, civilians and contractors, and family members) while ensuring mission success. As such, antiterrorism training, education, and awareness support the entire Army community and are a critical part of our overall protection.

This year’s campaign materials will be provided via emails to the workforce which will include discussions and presentations conducted electronically via Teams. There will also be active shooter training that will take place in the Lindner Conference Center (limited to 50 people) as well as via Teams (limited to 250 people). See below.

Active Shooter Training – August 2 - 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm (Lindner Conference Center and via Teams)

Active Shooter Training – August 3 – 10 am – 11 am / 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm 30 (Lindner Conference Center and via Teams)

Active Shooter Training – August 10 – 10 am – 11 am / 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm 30 (Lindner Conference Center and via Teams)

Active Shooter Training – August 11 – 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm 30 (Lindner Conference Center and via Teams)

Messaging Campaign

Email communication



Insider threat

Countering violent extremism

Suspicious activity reporting (iWatch, iSalute, TARP)

Operations security

Unmanned aircraft systems reporting procedures


Insider threat Open Discussion and Presentation (Via Teams)

“Antiterrorism Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone to remain vigilant and communicate any potential threats we have against our community,” said Picatinny Arsenal garrison commander Lt. Col. Alexander D. Burgos. “We have an inherent duty to report behavior and activity that could become a threat. There are various forms of reporting tools in place to help anyone please use them.”

Employees are reminded that Anti-Terrorism training is conducted annually for their first three years of employment, and then triennially. Training can be conducted at: https://jkodirect.jten.mil.

Terrorism, extremism, or insider threat reporting, can be completed through the Army’s iSALUTE, iWATCH, or Criminal Investigation Command websites.

Insider threats pose a risk to the Army's resources and personnel. Actions by an individual or a group could include espionage, terrorism, unauthorized disclosure of information, and the loss or degradation of assets and capabilities.

The Army’s iWATCH program includes antiterrorism awareness resources to help service members and their families identify and report potential activity.

You can access iWATCH via the banner on the Picatinny Arsenal website homepage or by visiting https://www.pica.army.mil/Picatinny/iWatch/.

The iSALUTE site allows personnel to report threat incidents, extremist behavioral indicators, and other counterintelligence matters.

Individuals can also report a crime or submit a crime tip through the Army CID website, or on a smartphone using the CID Crime Tips mobile application.